Talking About Moral Fibre

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Chris, we are all waiting for the FRIENDS of GADAHFI, we have in Dominica to display that they indeed have some moral fibre that is “To do what is right despite the consequences” and condemn Gadahfi for crimes against humanity like all peoples from all over the world including Gadahfi’s diplomats are doing.

Just recently they asked the OAS to refrain from interference in Venezuelan’s internal affairs after they brought the Bajan thugs to Dominica to disrespect Dominicans tell them how antiquated their constitution was, and suggested to them how to run their affairs re. Skerrit’s dual citizenship.

I am sure a condemnation will not be forthcoming because indeed those beggars have no moral fibre at all. You people are talking about all the brilliant ideas they have for the development of Dominica, which consists of nothing besides being in bed with depots and begging them for everything. But let’s wait and see what will happen to their VISIONARY development plan when all their despot friends come down one after the other.


  1. Chris Volney
  2. Michael Astaphan
  3. Terry Reeves

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