1.5 Million More Americans File For Unemployment Benefits | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Wait so those jobs numbers Trump touted were a mistake after all? These facts are not favorable to Trump so … “waaaaaah, fake news, waaaaah”

    1. @ShoeFanatic clearly not. I swear, so many of these conspiracy theory lunatics are so insecure about having no legitimate education that they cling on to falsehoods that are EASILY disproved so that they can say “we’ll actually…” to other people and pretend to be smart.

    1. A rollercoaster ride in an amusement park is under 10 minutes long and it’s fun. Four _years_ of it is freaking exhausting.

    2. Constituent 🤣A Who is telling you that the cart won’t derail before the end of the 4 years? The ride is not over yet.😥

  2. I haven’t received a payment yet, it’s been over a month, plus you can’t talk to a human, pointless.

    1. @Who Jones the one thing I buy gold and silver for not to get rich a hedge for what is to come I bought gold in 2001 Rock Lee a little over $250 an ounce and right now it’s over $1,700 an ounce and believe you me I bought a boat load of it back in 2001 so I’m sitting quite nicely

    2. @Who Jones I never made that much money and I have no problem getting my unemployment I get it every week

    3. Wade Adams I mean that’s cool but that a 20year investment I bought Boeing in April when I crashed and made 12k when I sold them last week…..

    4. @Who Jones well I’m glad for you and like I keep saying I didn’t buy gold and silver to get rich I bought it for a hedge but you don’t have to worry because all your paper and that’s all it is is paper is rapidly dying the grocery store goes up weekly and then when hyperinflation hits America that is what will destroy the dollar It’s All Over YouTube the smart people know what’s coming the dumb ones stay in the market

  3. Trump is keeping his promise!
    Making Amurika Grate A Gain!
    All the gains during Obama grated away during his presidency! 🤣

    1. Harry Dingling Lol, you got me.
      I was referring to 2019. I would not blame this year’s coming recession on Trump as much as it would please me doing it.

    2. @G Valtat Don’t worry if a Democrat wins the loses in 2021 will be blamed on the new guy…as GOP often do.

    3. D Di P I expect General Flynn’s son to go farther in revealing the truth and exposing also that the covid-19 virus has been engineered by slave kids between their pizzas’ shift in an underground basement in DC.

  4. I’ll be filing soon as well people are getting an extra 600 while the people that’s actually working gets 💩
    People who are working should also get an extra 600 per fkin week!!!! Duh

    1. @Isaiah King ok cool now the government needs to give the workers who didn’t stop working 600 bucks for 3months as well like where is our hazard pay!!! 🙏😇🙏

    2. Well, if they are healthy and willing to take the health risk, they should be allowed to work for scraps.

  5. 44 million applying for unemployment and 140 million full time jobs, that’s 31% unemployment, not 13%. I knew Donnie has dementia but apparently he also has dyslexia. Donnie must have had his crooked accountants cook the unemployment numbers too.
    His dyslexia is so bad that even his bathroom scale has it. It reads 244 when his real weight is 442.

    1. Suomy Nona you dont have to have lost a FULL TIME job to claim. They worst affected workers are those that needed 2-3 part time jobs to survive.

  6. That should show the senator’s that the american ppl need help and another round of stimulus checks

    1. @Corey Chadwick Umm no its not… Mitch McConnel and the rest of Senate GOP has been publicly against further stimulus and relief for regular americans for at least a month now.

  7. You better tack on another 15 million on that 44 million people who tried to file but can’t get through people who are not able our can’t qualify the unemployment numbers are a lot more higher than what they’re telling you

    1. If you’re part of the “Gig” economy you don’t even qualify for unemplyment. There’s 9 people living in a 2bedroom house…

    2. If you can I would be trying to buy myself a little bit of gold and a little bit of silver because the stock market is not in touch with reality Wall Street before Main Street the stock market is on life support and if you can’t see the massive of manipulation then you are completely oblivious to reality

    1. @ Pepper Grinder I pray to God Joe Biden will be the newly elected President by then if not we are in terrible shape yet again, to have to beg and hope we can either get a stimulus check, or an unemployment check, but good luck on either with this administration in office.

  8. ” Whats he doing now ?”
    ” Listening to music. ”
    ” Where did he find that music at ?”
    ” He’s definitely got his own channel ”

  9. That’s WINNING! That’s Knowing More than General’s, Doctor’s, Scientist’s, Everybody!

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