1 Big Thing: The limits of political tribalism

1 Big Thing: The limits of political tribalism 1


Axios' Alexi McCammond joins First Look for Thursday's 1 Big Thing.

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  1. Will Europe be putting Kurds on a big boat to America? Will America be WELCOMING Kurdish Asylum Seekers, with open arms? Trump acknowledged them as, “heroes.” Who, “fought and died alongside our troops.” Now we’ve BETRAYED them, and left them with NO COUNTRY, we could at LEAST offer them a home? . . . SMH

    • Put the big orange ding a ling on a boat going there.

    • Walter Weddle : A better suggestion, true. But, presumably, America will welcome her ALLIES, won’t she?

    • @Ash Roskell I think saying “why should Europe have ‘deal’ with them” is a bad way to phrase that. Its sorta implys that they’re a burden. I think the people of Rojava would be an asset to our society, as well as any other democratic country

    • TheRealBRad90 : I get what you’re saying, but a sudden influx of Refugees, AGAIN? That IS a burden. Not them, the people. They are our allies, friends, and innocent victims, who should be extended every curtesy. But, we’re kidding ourselves if we say they are, “not,” a political burden? That there won’t be a backlash, as we’ve already seen? And, a financial burden, by perception, if nothing else. My point is, they should be placed on luxury liners and taken directly to the States, without passing Go, where they have EVERY RIGHT to expect a Warm Welcome, after sacrificing their very Homeland. Trump can say, “but they weren’t there during the Civil War,” or whatever racist bollox he falls back on, but that cannot negate that ANY ally willing to risk their very HOMELAND, for us, cannot be turned away. Nor, should the author of their fate, escape responsibility, rather than ignoring his own culpability? Would you agree? ✌️

  2. Hey MSNBC! Aymun should have his own show!

  3. @ 2:36″Democratic voters are really not in love with a $15 minimum wage…” Said by infotainment pundit in her late 20s making a 6 figure salary.

    Think for yourself:

    The 5 Steps to Critical Thinking:

    What is critical thinking?
    In general, critical thinking refers to actively questioning statements rather than blindly accepting them.

    Critical thinking results in radical free will.

    1. The critical thinker is flexible yet maintains an attitude of healthy skepticism.

    Critical thinkers are open to new information, ideas, and claims. They genuinely consider alternative explanations and possibilities. However, this open-mindedness is tempered by a healthy sense of skepticism (Hyman, 2007).

    The critical thinker consistently asks, “What evidence supports this claim?”

    2. The critical thinker scrutinizes the evidence before drawing conclusions.

    Critical thinkers strive to weigh all the available evidence before arriving at conclusions. And, in evaluating evidence, critical thinkers distinguish between empirical evidence versus opinions based on feelings or personal experience.

    3. The critical thinker can assume other perspectives.

    Critical thinkers are not imprisoned by their own points of view. Nor are they limited in their capacity to imagine life experiences and perspectives that are fundamentally difference from their own. Rather, the critical thinker strives to understand and evaluate issues from many different angles.

    4. The critical thinker is aware of biases and assumptions.

    In evaluating evidence and ideas, critical thinkers strive to identify the biases and assumptions that are inherent in any argument (Riggio & Halpern, 2006). Critical thinkers also try to identify and minimize the influence of their own biases.

    5. The critical thinker engages in reflective thinking.

    Critical thinkers avoid knee-jerk responses. Instead, critical thinkers are reflective. Most complex issues are unlikely to have a simple solution. Therefore, critical thinkers resist the temptation to sidestep complexity by boiling an issue down to an either/or, yes/no kind of proposition. Instead, the critical thinker expects and accepts complexity (Halpern, 2007).

    Critical thinking is not a single skill, but rather a set of attitudes and thinking skills. As is true with any set of skills, you can get better at these skills with practice.

    In a nut shell, critical thinking is the active process of minimizing preconceptions and biases while evaluating evidence, determining the conclusions that can be reasonably be drawn from evidence, and considering alternative explanations for research findings or other phenomena.

    >Why might other people want to discourage you from critical thinking?

    >In what situations is it probably most difficult or challenging for you to exercise critical thinking skills? Why?

    > What can you do or say to encourage others to use critical thinking in evaluating questionable claims or assertions?

    • @DjCole100 You should probably edit your comment so that others don’t thing you’re stupid. Stop trying to be cute. Just read and heed. Although your masters would most certainly prefer that you don’t read the steps to critical thinking, and just continue being witty.

    • Alexi could be hosting a show instead she’s often out doing the grunt work in Iowa, Minnesota or standing in front of the U.S. Capitol building before dawn – what?.

    • RETiredGM

      You gave your *opinion* about this person and what she said, saying she’s wrong and exhorting people to think critically.

      You did not give any objective facts for your opinion.

      Maybe you should go to a conference, maybe we all should.

  4. ‘Tribalism’ *isn’t* the problem…one political party *refusing to acknowledge fact and reality on a daily basis* IS the problem.

    • Buddy Mckimmey | October 10, 2019 at 9:45 AM | Reply

      BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!
      MSNBC & CNN have done it
      The biggest pile of BULL¿HIT in the WORRRRRLD !!!!!👍😉

    • Hildebeast Clinton | October 10, 2019 at 9:52 AM | Reply

      CynAnne1 “…And from our accuracy desks, it looks like Hillary by a landslide… Trump is sinking fast…”. MSNBC NOV 12, 2016

    • Buddy Mckimmey | October 10, 2019 at 9:54 AM | Reply

      @Hildebeast Clinton 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • UnderStructureRepair | October 10, 2019 at 11:44 AM | Reply

      Says the tribal mid-management intern

    • @Matt Batcher DT sat on a wall
      DT had a great fall
      He spin and twisted to no avail
      He’ll resign or he’ll be posting bail
      Its called impeachment. look it up

  5. Konstantin Polyakov | October 10, 2019 at 6:42 AM | Reply

    Liberals really don’t think the GOP is ready to have Nazi Marches every year in dc?
    The GOP is as bad as it gets. And we will soon feel it for the tests of our lives.

    • Dawn Oceanside | October 10, 2019 at 7:26 AM | Reply

      ALL libs DO is think, sit on the couch and or pop popcorn.

      Teapotty puts Dems to shame!!!

      The World is watching!

    • 88Gibson LesPaul | October 10, 2019 at 7:41 AM | Reply

      @Dawn Oceanside Yes, you said it well: the Tea-potty.

    • Konstantin Polyakov yes not taking a vote and lying about sending out subpoena’s IS SOOOOO UNDEMOCRATIC, NO DEMOCRACY LEFT IN THE OLD FAILED DEMORATT PARTY ..
      WAR CRIMINALS >https://youtu.be/1wVUKmvQ354

  6. Did those voters ever stop to think that nothing can be brought to the senate to be passed when Murdering Moscow Mitch wont let an ANT FART get threw the door?
    if not then shouldn’t someone remind them of that? especially those people who spend their days with their faces in their cell phones playing video games or looking at funny pictures. but never see anything important like the news or what’s going on right next to them. i ride the bus everyday with nearly 100 people and 90% do what i just said.

    • Did you mention “TRUMP”? There is your answer – MSNBC hosts REQUIRED to only do stories including “TRUMP!” every 5 seconds and/or have him on screen.

    • Rashid the Great | October 10, 2019 at 9:05 AM | Reply

      A vote to keep Vladimir Trump is a vote for their opponents in their reelection loss. History will not be kind to the traitors.

  7. Jennifer Ierace | October 10, 2019 at 6:47 AM | Reply

    Really???? I made a comment today on social media and I got told to “shave my brain” by a Trump supporter. My comment was just an observation not decisive. It sounded like it was coming from a 5 year old. Is that normal or should I talk like a child so we can communicate. I was left shaking my head and wondering how on earth are these people ever going get on in life. It’s a worry!

  8. Dems should not care about the fact that 2020 elections are closing in, drag the people in and expose all the corruption all the time, for as long as the facts support it. GOP doesn’t care for ANY rules, they are welcome to frown upon impeachment, but this is the ONLY thing keeping any reign on donnie the dictator.

  9. Nope. We got one no-compromise issue to solve here. Call me after that.

  10. He’s already unchecked! He’s bullying countries & now after him not getting his way. Pulls troops out of a Waring country. Did he not look up the debts the U.S. is still paying off? One tide cut can tell others the U.S. has no honor & has a tyrannical president. Trump will cause another war.

  11. Impeach, convict, indict, prosecute, verdict, sentence, and incarcerate. Doesn’t leave much time for the campaign does it?

    51% and rising…

  12. Denzel Agyeman | October 10, 2019 at 8:15 AM | Reply

    The Dems have passed over 100 bills and are sitting on Moscow Mitch’s desk to be passed by the senate. How can the media say they are destructed? Do your job media.

  13. James Champaco | October 10, 2019 at 8:33 AM | Reply

    We’ve come SOOO far with technology, science, medicine….yet were dragged back into tribalism because of one person really. If trump TRULY was for the United States – he’d unite them, not divide.

  14. Distracted by impeachment? That’s right, let’s not get distracted saving the constitution, rules, laws and values we used to think defined America. Besides, the house has passed numerous bills that are now DOA on McConnell’s crypt desk. Know where to aim your ire.

  15. Ranaldo Bobsled | October 10, 2019 at 8:42 AM | Reply

    $15 an hour minimum wage or reinstate tax rates to the Clinton days.

  16. 3:31 for those who have a dream in 2020.

  17. Rashid the Great | October 10, 2019 at 8:58 AM | Reply

    The media is behaving like the “Enemy of the People” with this treatment of the Republikkkans. They are deplorables and should never be allowed to hold public office on local, state and federal levels.

  18. trump is following his bosses orders… putin told him to do it

  19. “The White House should be warned that continued efforts to hide the truth of the president’s abuse of power from the American people will be regarded as further evidence of obstruction,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in response to the letter. “Mr. President, you are not above the law. You will be held accountable.”

  20. Fun fact: After t’rump leaves, we’ll still have the problem of the millions of idiots who supported him.

    • Idiots???
      Aren’t you being nice!!!
      They’re meth smoking, cousin humping, Nazis!
      TRAITORS to the United States!!!

    • Ro G those people have always been there and will continue to be. They will support someone else and long for the days when the prez was “one of them” (as if he was ever like them).

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