1 Yr Old Attacked by Dogs in St. Ann Jamaica | TVJ News - June 24 2021 1

1 Yr Old Attacked by Dogs in St. Ann Jamaica | TVJ News – June 24 2021


A one-year-old child remains in hospital after she was attacked by a pack of dogs at her home in St. Ann, Jamaica on June 24th. The child's father, Oneil Campbell, says he wants justice as his daughter is badly injured.

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  1. Dogs attack is getting too prevalent in Jamaica and whoever have dogs need to keep them grounded .
    I pray for a speedy recovery for the baby ,both body and mind.

  2. The man made a valid point: if you want to have dogs you either tie them or have a gated yard. Simple as that

  3. The government needs to do something fast about the people them who have dogs 🐕 they must keep them in a secure environment

  4. There are too many stray and un attended dogs on the streets in Jamaica. Many full of mange and sick. This is possible public health problem.

  5. This is very sad the majority of dogs in Jamaica are wild, dogs need to be trained. Beating them and throwing stones at them don’t count as training…

  6. Citizens likely to be affected…… Throw poison in the yard , near the gate , wherever the dogs wander as dog owners are not brought to justice and the dogs are not putti sleep by authorities

  7. Dogs need s to put away and lock up by their owner. So sad for a little child nearly get eaten by dogs. Jamaica needs justice for this child.

  8. IDK why so many ppl in Jamaica have dogs, most can’t even feed themselves or have proper roofing over them, but yet still they have all 10 dogs! I’m a dog mom, I love dogs but it’s a responsibility you have to be able to take on before you get a dog or any pet!

  9. Lord, I pray for this innocent child 🙏. These dog owner need to be more responsible. These attacks are too frequent. The owner must be held accountable.

  10. Here in Canada dogs have more rights than humans. Every other family worship dogs. My neighbour has four that bark all day. Dogs don’t need seat belts. More dog food than baby food.

  11. The father of the child seems reasonable. The owner of the dogs needs to step up and do right for the child and her parents. Godspeed for the child and mother.

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