10 Days After 2 Mass Shootings Trump Focus On Conspiracy Theories & Culture Wars | Deadline | MSNBC 1

10 Days After 2 Mass Shootings Trump Focus On Conspiracy Theories & Culture Wars | Deadline | MSNBC


Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker, former Congressman David Jolly, former Democratic Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill on Trump weaving a counter-narrative possibly designed to keep attention from his inaction on gun reform
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10 Days After 2 Mass Shootings Trump Focus On Conspiracy Theories & Culture Wars | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Idylchatter : And, the footage we’re getting, of Hong Kong, will look identical to that of Washington, soon. Moscow Mitch gets his Russian money, laundered through the NRA. No hope of change, under those circumstances . . . Ban Lobbying? Legalised Corruption, by which the rich can BUY our politics. It’s kind of OBVIOUS? . . . Smh

    2. @Ash Roskell Sad but true, a materialistic society will always trend that way, but that movie that claimed that greed is a good thing, (Michael Douglas) said it best. Politicians should be sworn to a life of poverty like that would ever happen.

  1. Conspiracy theories SpankyPants is working on currently. Well there’s the one where he’s trying to pin Epsteins suicide/murder on the Clintons when actually he probably had a hand in this so called “suicide.” Why? Your wildest guess is as good as my imagination!

  2. Is it just me, or does it seem trumps distracting from his Russian connections, obstruction, and taxes?

    1. Haven’t all of you noticed, the day the banks released his bank info, he turned….cheesier than normal? I haven’t seen another story about those bank records…wth?

  3. i agree with nicole. trump is tossing all these conspiracy theories out there now to distract from all of his race-baiting rhetoric and his impending impeachment.
    i dont think its working though… everybody i know is talking about how trump had barr murder epstein. seriously. everybody. democrats… republicans… independents… russians… blacks… mexicans… asians… cowboys… construction workers… nazis… confederates… gays… straights…
    literally everybody. (thats right. i know everybody.) everybody is talking about how donald trump had bill barr murder jeff epstein. we have our own conspiracy theories already.

    1. Oh and your nutty fantasy: ra ra ra … ra ra ra  RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, NOW DONT YOU LOOK STUPID !!!

      nope. its still you.
      the all caps dont help really. people just assume you were born brain-damaged when you type in upper-case letters.
      plus… everything you write is stupid.

  4. Giuliani was just let out of his casket to tell everyone how innocent Trump is in Epstein’s death. You can’t make this up.

  5. trump, Moscow mitch n republicans are making to much Money Money Money to do anything but get bigger wallets.

  6. tRump’s father was associated with the KKK and tRUMP himself was found guilty of refusing to rent to African Americans in his New York apartments. Thats the real proof not his tweets.

    1. t7957r
      Its as much proof as his tweets and actions now. What it proves is that he was always a racist from his jelly core…

  7. If ANYONE is to blame for Epstien’s death .. ask the question .. who benefits … and who is most like a “mob boss” and who’s previous “mob boss like” actions would tend to point fingers in their direction.. and not in the direction of the clintons ….

  8. Jeffrey Epstein was in federal custody. The buck stops with Barr and Trump. Think about it: if they really believed Epstein had info that could put the Clintons away for life they would’ve made sure he was safe, but instead they looked the other way and let him die…

    1. @B.J Cameron
      I’ve thought about this for several days actually. How many seconds did you think about what I wrote before replying?

    2. @Eva Luna I went down the path you are on several years ago so I know exactly where you are at, Please do not give up searching. Something I did learn was the LORD takes us away from Churches and into the wilderness for a time to clear our heads, so don’t be afraid to listen.

    3. @B.J Cameron
      I only stated the indisputable facts that disprove most conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein’s death. I don’t know why that upsets you so.
      Anyway, I will stop replying to you now as I am uninterested in debating a self-righteous religious fanatic. Good day.

  9. Trump is Alex Jones, Davis Duke, Madoff, Epstein, B. Arnold squeezed into the ultimate deplorable being America has ever known.

  10. It kinda has to be Mitch that does it, but trump is a gutless president.
    It would be an easy sell to most Americans but the base has his balls.
    Besides his only card is race bating and bigotry

  11. Worst president in the entire history of this great nation. Can’t wait to see that Time magazine cover.

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