10 days after rejecting federal aid, Ontario calls for military help 1

10 days after rejecting federal aid, Ontario calls for military help


Ontario MPP Prabmeet Sarkaria calls on Canada to further restrict travel as the province asked the federal government for aid.

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  1. The drama teacher and sticky sign maker will make everything perfect. Psst, I got a bridge for sale if you’re interested.

  2. What is / are CASE(s) ?

    does the public notice they NEVER answer the question and yet they use the word like there is no tomorrow

  3. He didn’t actually answer one single question that was asked of him. Pathetic to say the least.

    1. Easier to blame a compliant public by telling them they’re selfish for not staying at home and not following Public Health directives.

    2. Actually yes, after all his brother did do crack, and I’m starting to think he is (and his members) too…

  4. The ON Provincial government has had a YEAR to sort out their hospital and supply issues and did nothing.

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