10 New Covid Cases in Jamaica | St Mary Residents Blast JPS - May 26 2021 1

10 New Covid Cases in Jamaica | St Mary Residents Blast JPS – May 26 2021


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  1. It appears the citizens are doing a much better job of running the country than the elected officials. Government should be doing a lot more for the poor and needy. Much more blessings to all those who help.

  2. Those young men should wear a N9F dust madk to protect their lungs from the fiberglass particles.

    1. Protective eyewear and overall should be offered by relevant departments under Health & Safety and protection.

  3. Yes, these are the low new cases we need to see if not zero. Weekend curfew working.

    1. Dwl u think it’s really that low .if the start testing more people we would want to see how much more people have it . weekend lockdown not stoping nothing the just want people to come to the hotel it’s all just a game to the Jamaican government

    2. @R y we will never really know the truth right It is not just the Jamaican Government but goverments throughout the world always know more of what is really going on. We just need to trust God and live. If protocols are put in place then we just need to adhere to it. I will never be in conflict with the law, running from police because i have the need to party, madness. My bed too comfortable to give it up for cold concrete,smh.

    1. I think you’ll find that Jamaica would thrive and be managed better, if they sacked the government and left Gordon House empty to leave people to get on with their lives as normal, rather than be run by bedwetters.

  4. I wonder how the trees grow and cover the wires and no one pays any attention, the residents should sue the heck out if jps, for their love one being electrocuted, so sad, my condolences to the family

  5. Jamaican can think of the most ingenious way of steeling, why not used that same mental capacity to create work. Big up the man for using his brain successfully. I would invest in this man.

  6. We need to have more youth to have a kill in Jamaican it will help motivate the young youth of Jamaican

  7. By next week come around, from 10s to 100s to 1000s.of lives Covid iz now targeting, 10s, then 100s, then thousands of Covid cases. Only 1,200 covid tests, to 22,000 active cases. Check the ratio. Already, a losing Battle

  8. Kudos to the fishermen in Port Antonio and to the sound system owners in St. Catherine. Improvising and improving their communities

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