10 people killed after gunman opens fire at Boulder, Colorado, grocery store 1

10 people killed after gunman opens fire at Boulder, Colorado, grocery store


Ten people, including a Boulder police officer, were killed in mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, authorities said. A suspect is in custody, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said.

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    1. @Martin Anders Tukker yeah people just get stabbed over there instead so much better right? gun control doesnt work.

    2. @Martin Anders Tukker not just groceries, we also in Japan are extremely safe and can do anything we want without fear of being shot dead

    1. @David Atkinson Well, David, thank you so much. Now, if the far right evangelicals in the US could simply make even the slightest attempt to follow the teachings of Christ, the world might be a whole lot better off. I would love to discuss theology with you, but right now I am far too tired.

    2. @Thomas Margolis
      It’s always political….
      There is a Drug in the Latino community called Devils Breath, (scopolamine).
      It basically makes people susceptible to suggestion to make them do crazy things…
      Prostitutes use it to make men clean out their bank accounts and retirement accounts and give them everything no questions asked….
      It’s very common in places like Miami….
      I’m convinced 100% these shooters are on scopolamine and all these events have been planned for maximum political impact….

    3. And beside w/e causation there, there is at the core those persons that are simply horrible. They do vile things, to the detriment of others, where they can make anything a weapon. The act of embracing notions and ideas that may have the effect to justify what they can be, true believers.

    4. In that job, there is simply the fact of the terrible people that they have contact with, for the harm they bring to others. We all have those situations, but there it comes with the job. And ideally (we) have the coping skills when things happen.

    1. @My Pets you might want to do a little research on the “whi…e” male that did the shooting…. seems he had a funny name that might originate in… oh I dunno the middle east……. seems we should just diversify ourselves into oblivion… ask the romans how that worked out.

    1. @Daddy Savage my bad there was 417 mass shootings in 2019. A mass shooting is defined as 4 or more people being shot. 41 were mass murders where 4 or more people got killed.

  1. My Dear American friends, my heart goes out to you all in deep sympathy and prayerful solidarity. From the City of Cork, Ireland

    1. @Eti” they are all racist” thinks Oxford is in Ireland. Ask yourself why they aren’t naming the shooter

    2. @J T – last week after the mass shooting at the massage parlour, Biden and his fake news media quickly pinned the blame on trump just because the victims were mainly Asians. But on this occasion, Biden is saying we shouldn’t rush to judgement and blamed weak gun controls. Only fools would take Biden seriously.

    1. Did you think democrat lockdowns would help the mentally ill or hurt them? Notice when it’s a white guy it’s immediately called a hate crime and white supremacy whatever that is but when it’s a Muslim of a black guy there no known motive lol. CNN discrimination against white peoples is real. CNN is anti white propaganda and anti white racism

    2. @Amadeus Wolfe Why the antipathy against CNN?.Have you always disliked them because they lean more to the left than the right? I”ll venture to guess it’s become more intense over the last few years. You have a better chance of getting factual news there than from Fox where you get, almost exclusively, demonstrable misinformation.

    1. Don’t think like that bro… this is wrong on all levels. Doesn’t matter if they were black, brown or white. Innocent people died and it’s heartbreaking

    2. The ONLY reason people say the race of the shooter is unimportant is when they end up being non white.

  2. You can feel how much she loves her police family and her community. My heart goes out to all who lost their lives and those who lost a loved one.

  3. 2019 felt like there was not one week having the flag half mass. Hopefully we won’t see that again

    1. @Cate the Great !!! there’s nothing wrong with that, I just find it suspicious that on left leaning media outlets I can’t seem to find anything on who the guy is. Leads me to believe they aren’t saying much because it will hurt their narrative


  5. Bless those families whom lost lives because of sh$t like this past and present. Seems like the chicken has definitely came home to roost.

  6. There are far more lives saved by guŃs every year than taken by them. I don’t even own a gun and I know that.

    1. There’s a time to argue about that. This isn’t it. Just shut the hell up! People don’t want to hear your talking points.

  7. “America is back”… signs indicating that the unbearable lockdown is subsiding.
    Nothing to see here folks…move on!

  8. *Becky: the balance to have in order to avoid a collapse in the relationship ,avoid massive immigration,keep economic opportunities in those markets,all with the respects of human values and human rights.

  9. We’d have the exact same thing happening in australia if we could also access military grade weaponary.

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