1. I couldn’t agree more. One million innocent and defenseless lives lost annually from abortion. As tragic as this incident is it is rare unlike other actions that affect far more young humans.

  1. Incredibly moving the interview the boy. As a parent & grand parent my heart goes out to you all in Ulvade from the UK 🇬🇧 Kudos to the surgeon God bless you, your work & teams 🕊 RIEP little angels 👼 🕊

    1. @Online Truth You can’t take away American’s right of self defense. There are no easy answers to gun violence.

    2. @Peter Pagliarini Agreed. But the world has never been at peace. I doubt it will ever be – too many variables.

  2. The tears just can’t stop flowing from my eyes … As a father, this truly saddens my heart.. 😢

    1. @Cindy Boo yes it’s a much bigger issue than gun violence. you only stay on the topic that they tell you to stay on. don’t be a knucklehead and wake up

    2. This really made me count my blessings. Little babies got hurt!!! Someone’s babies. Lord help you all.

  3. I’m so glad that the parents are allowing these children to talk about what happened, talking is the best therapy for them. Praying for all the children and parents from NC 😞

  4. When an airline has an accident and people die, you do everything to find out how it happened and then you do everything you can to prevent this from happening again. When someone goes in and shoots 21 people dead, they pray and send condolences.

    1. @Ron Swanson I’m not trying to be political. Everybody has to find a solution to agree upon. But when, i hope soon.

    2. @SUNDANCE KIDDO just came back to see if you had come up with a solution or did you just decide to take the inevitable walk of shame? We both know you couldn’t come up with any suggestion even on your best day

    3. @John B I like you! I agree with you! I am sick to my stomach looking and reading about each victim from the Daily Mail. I was laying down while reading and I felt like I could faint! Mental illness and that fact that these mass shooting at schools are usually done by young males who are mad at the world for maybe valid reasons to hate so much…meaning their life was/is horrific and they snap unjustly. Every one of them has that look…I can look at people and feel sick because of their presence. I also can feel when someone is alone, sad, depressed with no love in their lives.

      This world and especially this country is the worst I have ever experienced in my 59 years of life.

      Dems/liberals are 100% clueless!!

      I am a conservative not Republican BECAUSE the Republicans have bad politicians too….drain the swamp!!!🌷🙏☹️😔😢

  5. Very telling that he changed his mind on being a cop after this.. they set a terrible example, whereas the surgeons have probably saved more people from that classroom

    1. A lot of survivors of gun violence get into medical fields, just like a lot of people who suffered abuse as a child go into social work. It’s their passion because they saw how much impact that career had on them, and they want to give back.

  6. My best friend was murdered 4 years ago and it still tears me apart. I’m sorry kid I’m sorry

    1. Sorry for your loss he seems be fine thinking of his water bottle and not the many supposed dead friends don’t fall for this political theater it’s crap

  7. 😢 so sad for the children, parents, community, and the teachers. The horror of this mass shooting is unimaginable, but preventable #guncontrolnow He’s such a bright child. He’s lost his innocence.

    1. Yes it will. Because for some unfathomable reason Americans seem to care alot more about the 2nd amendment and their ridiculous need for guns than they do for the lives of their own children and citizens. How utterly sick is that? Thank God I’m Canadian. You could offer me a billion dollars to move there and I’d say not a chance.

  8. I taught kids to ski for 16 years. The biggest thing I learned is that children’s feedback is valid. They may not always be able to voice their thoughts and concerns. They are able to express their feelings if you allow them the space.

  9. A 10 year old just said, “It might happen again.” He is very intuitive to the horrible failure we are as a country to the safety of our children. I can’t even fathom the heartbreak and the unbearable grief these families are going through.

    1. @Gulliver the Gullible The younger generation doesn’t see the world through your eyes. They were not alive for “Leave It To Beaver” life. You can’t force them to live in a 50’s sitcom when the world has changed. I was born in 1980. I would never be able to relate to living in the 1950’s and neither would today’s youth.

    2. Every parent in this country should be worried about their child going to school now because of this awful tragedy

    1. Beautifully said. Such a sweet boy and so brave to tell his story. My son is 9 and I just ever imagine.. sending him to school the last few days has been so tough.

  10. This kid straight up said he didn’t want to be a cop anymore, but a surgeon. Love that.

    1. They frequently arrest the victims and help the criminals of violent crime because they have no idea what happened when they get there.

  11. The fact that the kid is in good spirit with smiles and enthusiasm breaks my heart even more… pure and innocent kids man… not even old enough to emotionally comprehend the magnitude of the tragedy that just took place before his very eyes. no one deserves this… this country is messed up

    1. Children are more resiliant than we know, but they also keep alot inside that can take years to manifest. They may ‘seem’ ok now, but in time, things can come back to them. Sad, the ones who did survive, will never live the life they were supposed to live. Their lives are forever changed.

  12. So many of these kids are so strong. I can’t even stomach a minor cut or gash on someone, let alone bullet wounds and the visible damage they cause. I’m a Phlebotomist and I’ve had adults pass out on me while and after getting their blood drawn. God bless those babies.

  13. He’s sure it will happen again and doesn’t want to go to school. Who can blame him? What an horrific thing to go through, seeing your friends murdered. Sending best wishes and condolences to everyone from Australia. 💝💙

  14. Such a strong minded kid well spoken!! I wouldn’t be able to keep my composure like this kid if it was me! Hope he can still have a good summer!

    1. It truly hasn’t sunk in yet, the mind protecting him from unimaginable trauma for years to come. The city police should provide therapy for these children until they are 18

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