10 Yr Old Gunshot Victim Need Help | TVJ News - Nov 24 2021 1

10 Yr Old Gunshot Victim Need Help | TVJ News – Nov 24 2021


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    1. I would love to contribute but I have no number to contact the mother to make sure it’s her and not someone else.

    1. @ShankyDizzle 馃槉鉁岋笍 I’m not there but I fear for my relatives. Crime rampant and can’t afford funeral(S). Our people need to grow to ripe old age. I am very much concerned about the state of affairs in Jamaica as much as I am in farin. Stabbings, bombing, rapists, sex trafficking, human trafficking, schizophrenic attacks, racist attacks, youths stabbing you as initiation to a gang etc etc

    1. What do you suggest?? Hanging? Shoot to kill criminals? Going into communities to beg family members Not to shield their gunman baby father, gunman brother, gunman son, gunman cousin? Encourage communities to snitch on their dons, gang leaders maybe at a cost? But then again the same police will go back and snitch in the snitch as they are all in Co-hoots. Prime Minister needs the help of the community. Crime tough to tackle.馃槬

  1. If the so called Gangster’s who are responsible for shooting this young girl had a heart they would foot the bill for the mistake they made . do you who are responsible for this tragic event have children of your own ? if so then anti up and give the family some money to make things right . how would you feel if this was your child ?

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