100 Countries Push For Investigation Into WHO's COVID-19 Response As Blame Game Intensifies | MSNBC 1

100 Countries Push For Investigation Into WHO’s COVID-19 Response As Blame Game Intensifies | MSNBC


A resolution with the support of 116 countries. is calling for "an impartial, independent and comprehensive" evaluation of the actions of the WHO and its response to the coronavirus pandemic. It also seeks to identify the origin of the COVID-19. Keir Simmons reports. Aired on 5/18/2020.
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100 Countries Push For Investigation Into WHO's COVID-19 Response As Blame Game Intensifies | MSNBC


    1. @Adeimantus Galleys If you’re going to be a CCP bot pretending to be American, at least speak proper English.

    2. @William no, I’m not Chinese. It’s just puzzling overwhelming such stories like economic hitman possiblity and must be look into. Why not investigate all possiblity both China labs and Fort Distrix after all pandemic settled

  1. China is running circles around Trump. As Trump dumps world support for the WHO, China offers double what Trump cancelled. Trump needs a lesson in how to negotiate.

    1. William H Music 2020 are u allowed to answer? Or are u afraid? You’re clearly passionate enough?

    2. William H Music 2020 u obviously have enough time give me a break. Why should Trump be elected sir? Because he’s homophobic? Or more inclusive than you’d think? Come on, show your political determinations! Impossibly orchestrated Loud mouth.

    3. If the world stops buying from China , the Chinese will go back to a rice heavy diet , like in the 80s

    4. @David Hale btw it’s 195 countries in the world and you can add 5 more if you follow UN membership

  2. The WHO’s dragging their feet and China’s cover-up only goes so far. Once the virus landed in the US, the accountability falls on the federal government. Because if I recall correctly, t’rump was calling this a hoax as late as Feb 28 and was telling people we’d go from 15 cases to 0 by some miracle.
    That’s not on the WHO. That’s not on China. That’s all on the Stable Genius.

    1. @Crimdor Then look at New Zealand & Australia – similar functions as the US. Yet both had early strict lockdowns & followed the science – not downplaying their numbers.

    2. lexa harpell – you think Australia and New Zealand have the same kind of travel from China like China does too the US?
      What a joke.

    3. @Bob Heck – I’ve replied to a bunch of people so I have no idea which comment you are referring too.

    4. The only way this virus’ impact could have reduced on the world was to force every passenger aircraft in the world to land (and quaratine their passenger) and halt all airline flights until further notice within hours after first report about the virus late December. I’ll bet president Trumpet and rest of countries in the world would have been thrilled to go along with doing it…

  3. “Investigate China, we got something we got something, we got nothing then we say China be cheating, we’ll win anyway

    China: I’m on board with investigation, count me in

    “xxxx, didn’t see that coming” LOL

    1. @Glock Coley Trump disbanded the pandemic response team that had a team in WUHAN that would have been able to start a response to this virus at the beginning. tRump was warmed of this virus in the beginning in late NOVEMBER and did nothing, in November, December, January, February and most of March. tRump touted the use of a medication that he held stock in the company that produced it while it killed every participant that took it for the virus. tRump did everything wrong, the ships were nothing, did nothing and had ZERO covid19 patients aboard and treated ZERO. You believe all of his lies and continue to support him because you cannot let yourself admit that you made a mistake believing he cared about anyone other than his own profit margin.

    2. @Glock Coley And furthermore tRump bailed out NO ONE. Congress holds the purse strings and provided all money for everything.

    3. @Glock Coley sure he did, google “Trump’s company has received at least $970,000 from US taxpayers for room rental.” Ignorance is a bliss, that’s how trump like you people.

  4. It could’ve started anywhere, and may indeed have started somewhere else… Fact is; China dealt with it the way we all should’ve dealt with it.

    1. We’re no strangers to silencing/manufacturing the media and killing dissenters, and you can’t weld wood otherwise we’d have done that too.

    2. Agree, theres has been many cases of viruses came before this about an average once in 10years. Nothing new just how well prepare we are is the key. Vaccine can takes 10 of years to develop, research and finding btw

    3. Of course they dealt well. Because they knew about the virus from the beginning. And locking people inside their homes, silence doctors and controlling the media aren’t good strategy.

  5. The sad truth is that there is going to be no accountability to where it needs to go. No one’s going to be officially blamed who should be, and every last politician in all countries that’ve pulled every last underhanded trick through this pandemic will get away scott free with whatever they’ve done. Republicans will still rule & destroy the american government as we know it, meaning Trump basically gets to make his presidency a lifetime position for him & his buddies. China gets on top of everyone with their recovery, then conquers the globe with economics instead of firepower, meaning we all answer to that one country because every leader will be in their pocket. The british government gets thrown into chaos because Labour manipulates & twists all they can to project their own abysmal behaviour onto the Conservatives, resulting in Labour getting into power again & destroying everything.
    Put simply, the bad guys are winning. Everywhere. It’s not getting better. It’s not going to get better.

    All of those who are in a position to do something about this stuff are just letting these things happen. Some are even assisting in making it all fall apart. This virus isn’t going to be our downfall. It’s just the catalyst. The real problem is so many of the wrong people being in charge… And it’s too late to do anything about that now.
    Doesn’t matter where you are; Most of the human race is screwed because of the decisions from a handful of opportunistic individuals.

  6. Story looks liek reversed!! Blame China may be wrong! USA didn’t begin COVID-19 testing until Jan 19th, 2020. The first USA case is Strain B/C. How to explain this? excerpt “According to the Daily Mail, analysis of the genetic history of SARS-CoV-2 or the novel coronavirus shows that Type A, which is the strain that came from bats and jumped to humans from pangolins, was not common in China–the origin of the outbreak.
    Instead, Type B, which is derived from Type A coronavirus via two mutations, is more prevalent in the country, specifically in ground zero: Wuhan.
    Nevertheless, the original variation has been found in over 400,000 COVID-19 cases in the United States and Australia.”

    1. What the f*** are you talking about the USA did not start testing this virus in January!… Trump was still on his LIES CAMPAIGN preaching to his cult members in Florida on March 28th this was nothing but a democratic hoax… I learned of this whole thing through the World Health Organization February 3 year…

    2. @S EE Chinese doesn’t have interest in USA politician! The current cases collected looks like reversed story: this pandemic is not originated from Wuhan!!

  7. WHO should investigate the failures of the response to Coronavirus in the Western countries and come out with a report.

    1. @jorge flores Sounds Reasonable compare Australia with the US One uses Science the other GOD

    2. Western countries have been murdering their elderly by refusing to provide PPEs to their nursing home staff. Not giving early warnings and guide line about being extra alert with their hygiene and reorganizing their nursing home care in order to avoid bringing in the virus into their care system. Daily meaningless pressconfrences and a lot of bla bla bla no real actions instead letting the staff fending for themselves…

    1. @DrunkenGuitarGuy if you are assuming that I’m American, then you are mistaken.. Now, who is dumb? And you are sure any other leader is better than Trump? Without thinking that hard, I can already think one that is worse than Trump. Besides, I have doubts that the official numbers of infections and deaths from covid-19 are the real numbers. I think they are much less but whatever.

    2. @Sara Lei Silva maybe your not american… about as smart as the average american though, only morons think the number is higher, anyone with a brain in their head KNOWS its lower as the ones that are counted are confirmed, and lots of people don’t even show symptoms… i realize all that is too much for a dimwitted moron like yourself to understand

    3. @DrunkenGuitarGuy and you aren’t that smart as you may think you are, for thinking that any other leader is better than Trump is and for being a racist. It is well known that Trump downplayed the virus but the same did some other leaders. And just because Trump is the president that doesn’t mean he was elected by every single American. It is ignorant to judge an entire country by the action of a few. At least, in America, they still have some freedom. The same, we can’t say about so many other countries.

    4. @DrunkenGuitarGuy Idk trump didn’t take away our freedom of speech, or guns lol

  8. Trump: we need a to investigate Coronavirus.
    Xi: sure, I’m down for it!
    Trump: that was not what I was expecting!!! Ur suppose to say NO!! Now I need Mike Pompeo to make up something else to blame China.

  9. I’m down for thorough investigation, but no participation of anti science clown trump, pompeo, Navarro

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