$100M in new federal funding for the Canadian Red Cross

$100M in new federal funding for the Canadian Red Cross 1


Canadian Red Cross president and CEO Conrad Sauvé on the federal government's announcement of up to $100 million in funding to help the Red Cross meet increased demand due to COVID-19.

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10 Comments on "$100M in new federal funding for the Canadian Red Cross"

  1. Neil lee pop a Wheelie | May 16, 2020 at 2:01 PM | Reply

    Excuse me . Mr PM

  2. Stop spending money and open up business ffs ……..

  3. Trugoof spending our tax dollars for every corrupt organization around..

    Its sad the East is brain dead to the damage this goof is doing to Canada.. We will be a third world once goof finishes with the spending..You voted for this mess

    • Eran Puzirevsky | May 16, 2020 at 2:36 PM | Reply

      It’s not the east just metropolitan areas that are fed the liberal juice from you know where

  4. Way to go trudeau

  5. YidJewKikeTube commies.

  6. The govt. admitted they have no idea what the deficit is or will be . They all failed economics and accounting … Morneau seems like he must be to high on weed to figure it out …..


    • If currencies is the problem, print it! There will never be enough currencies to afford planetary health system, feeding, education, and proper housing anyway (as before covid19). So, either you kill half the population right now and go on ravaging the planet, or use modern technology for providing humanism and humane conditions to everyone (as a decent civilisation). So far, Canada has been examplary on that side! (ThumbsUp!!).

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