11 Charged for Not Wearing Masks in May Pen, Jamaica | TVJ News - May 3 2021 1

11 Charged for Not Wearing Masks in May Pen, Jamaica | TVJ News – May 3 2021


More than 10 people were arrested and charged in less than 24 hours in Clarendon for breaches of the disaster risk management act it comes as the police issued a strong warning to persons who refused to wear masks in public spaces.

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  1. So ridiculous!!!! Now that the WHO is putting an end to Covid restrictions what will the police have to do?

    1. Only for countries that have the possibility to achieve herd immunity, not for countries who can’t get vaccines.

    1. Lock up ppl for not wearing a mask let all government know that being free is our birth right dem out of order a make this scamdemic then use it as capitalism to enforce laws me see the matrix for what it is unnu can only trick ppl who program like robat n cyborgs n the one dem who brain wash n deceive but dem hull eidiat ya who call them self expert who a miss led the ppl dem wid fake information

    1. @reel gena real yute I don’t get it where they really believe these evil people care about us. They will lie an scheme to get what they want with the help of the satanic media.

    2. @YW123 Wallace Their greatest power is your FEAR ….them cyah fool the WOKEN people them….. Anju a collect the AGENDA POISON from all bout fi come geh we …all when the uncertainty surrounding this vaccine and people dying from it….the government still a force it pon we….open uno eyes people

    3. @crissy D This is not true, there is no report saying people who are fully vaccinated after a period of time have gotten the virus. Where do you get these information from???
      Or you typing what is your head .

    4. Exactly ,in the state you are only required for mask when entering a building that requires mask , I would definitely want the greatest of all time PM Andrew Holiness to explain why you are required to wear mask on the road??????? Everyday is April 1st in Jamaica.( all fools day, send the fools a little further). Hopefully sooner than later the people will be freed from political slavery.

  2. Hell yah ! Not my five thousand dollars . Me have better use for my money. After me nah collect food stamp.


    2. Jamaicans have a right to be skeptical of their government they have been doing us so bad, but in the name of public health we need to follow protocols.

  3. So many people in the small space of the back of a truck, lol. I guess covid 19 can’t be transmitted in there. DOUBLE STANDARD

    1. Well if dem no wah wear mask at all fi put dem self at risk. Weh di difference it mek?

  4. Yow,di lady in blue blouse just run up inna di truck wid ease like a regular ging fi har,lol

  5. This is a big lie by our wicked leaders it sick me to the core to see how humans treat other for non violent acts

  6. We’re not even free to breathe in fresh air anymore we are living in a very sad time..

    1. We was never free, prior to the pandemic, environmentalists were warning us about global warming and the heavy pollution coming from us.

    2. @tykoon milli we have to flee Babylon,who the son set free is definitely free, the beast is in full force now

  7. So putting them in a confined space without a mask is safer than walking outdoor without a mask

    1. Bredda same meds me a pre. Like you a charge them for not wearing mask yet load them up in a truck and don’t give them mask?

      Andrew is a devil!

    2. @Kemar Nelson Masks don’t work the way people think….the gov’t is taking people fi fool still…this is just to tax and put more fear into people.

  8. It sick me how dem wah tek 5 grand from these people . Like dem nuh see how dem. Stress out the people dem it sad .

  9. Mi so happy fi the new plan no mask 5.000 mi love that so much

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