1. That is good to hear that the 11 year-old defended herself, and that the man was arrested. It’s good to see that children even this young can fight off such dangerous people.

    1. @Jaxson Weatherman Yeah we have too many psychos out here. Because that almost happened to me twice when I was a little kid. We have too many pedophiles and child molesters and rapists that need to be behind bars for the rest of their lives.

    2. @Huncho_dinero Kid1606 amen brother, amen, sorry for what you went through, God loves you, bless you.

    3. @Jaxson Weatherman Yeah it was terrible for me when I was little. Because growing up as a little kid always thought that stuff happened in movies I didn’t know it can happen in real life.

    4. @Huncho_dinero Kid1606 it’s real brother, just read, study, spend a lot of time with the Lord for a strong relationship with him, spend time with people that love Jesus so much with their mind, heart, body, & soul, spread the gospel to the unbelievers. Amen! Praise God the almighty!🙏🏽🤍😇

    1. Yeah, he did his homework, just to make sure when she’ll be alone and what’s the right time to attack.🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    2. Hindsight is 20/20. Impossible to be alert at all times. Esp when its just the usual daily routine done countless times without any issues,

    1. @Luis Castillo This man’s prior crimes were not in Florida. He is a New Yorker. A BLUE STATE.

  2. This little girl not only saved her own life, but likely kept him from doing anything like this to any other child. She is a hero and she did everything perfectly.

    1. This guy will not remain behind bars always. He will be out someday & again aome child / person will be in danger

    2. She’s amazing, she was busy playing and had no time to prepare to fight back. Yet she fought him off, incredible. Yes she did save other children, she is a hero. These guys don’t stop, until they’re caught. Well done!

  3. She’s born a second time. Courageous enough to fight for her life and stopping to scoop her belongings before fleeing!

  4. That’s what we need to teach our kids. Fight like bloody hell because once you’re in the car, there’s a very small chance you will survive.

    1. Well, most kids DO fight back, but, they’re kids; they’re usually not strong enough to fight off guys that big. This guy seemed more scared than anything else, as he should be. I’m glad the girl is safe now.

    2. Just like Matt Gaetz, this guy is gonna claim the police are ‘cancel culture’ ing him. He’ll be back on the streets in no time, and they’ll give him a parade too.

  5. This makes me sick in my heart that he does have a conviction for this behavior. How many other children has he gotten a hold of before this brave little girl was forced to save her own life. LIttle one, so happy you fought this SOB off.

    1. She just got lucky really. Lucky he didn’t just go on and stab her. I seen nothing she did that would have saved her really. He tripped on his own. And that bag just slowed her down. So in my opinion she just got lucky.

    2. One tough little girl, she’s half his size. Thank God she fought him off.🤜👿👏👏👏

  6. Every family who has a home that could put a camera on the bus stop in your local neighborhood would be worth it’s weight in gold

    1. Well keep in mind this IS Florida, where Trump holds the most power and influence. I’m actually surprised this isn’t a common occurence there, with the sheer number of trump devotees in that state. Sickest state in the union.

    2. Law enforcement can access any Amazon doorcam in the country. In this particular case it’s a good thing(tm).
      But it also brings with it an assortment of unwarranted surveillance issues.

  7. Seriously, dude tried to snatch a whole 11 year old like it was nothing, out in the open, in broad daylight. I can’t wrap my head around this one. I’m very glad she is safe

    1. Just means that you have basic human decency. As you can see, it isn’t universal, and the lowlife in the video is one of far too many.

  8. She grabs her bags. ☺️. She did know he was running away. I’d probably do the same at that age And we are all taught not to leave our school bags anywhere lol
    Good job 💗💗

  9. Props to the camera viewing the bus stop. Area. I’m tired of kids disappearing since the early 70s with no proof.

  10. Sadly, this is what has been happening to children and women throughout history and finally caught on camera. So relieved that child successfully fought for her life🙏

  11. Also thank God to whoever was the neighbor who had this camera set up. I’ll have to go out and buy one later today.

    1. Just don’t get the amazon ring, they’re hackable and are used for illegal spying much like Alexa, there are simple closed networks that allow you to do the same thing without the unwanted survalence.

  12. My dad made me fight with my younger brother instead of stopping it. I think he wanted me to learn to defend myself. When I was 11 a truck with two men slowly followed me. I ran in front of the truck and over to a housing development and knocked on a door. No one was home, but the truck left and I ducked behind bushes all the way home. Fortunately at age 72, that was my only encounter of this kind. I’m still ready to rip somebody’s arm off if they ever try to harm me in any way.

  13. Her reaction was amazing but the horror she had to be feeling afterwards just the fright ! I thankGod she is safe and will heal from the fear and to be proud of herself to know how strong and courage’s this young girl is

  14. Oh my life this made the hair on my neck stand up! What an incredibly brave wee girl… Hope they lock this creep up forever!

  15. Poor little girl is a champion. Love this girl. Fighter. She even grabs here school bag when she’s running away.

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