110 Jamaican Police Officers Vaccinated - March 16 2021 1

110 Jamaican Police Officers Vaccinated – March 16 2021


The World Health Organization says it is actively tracking new covid 19 variants this is out of concerns raised that some of the vaccines developed may not provide good coverage against these variants.

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    1. @Genchfa Manfunzi don’t sure what you are saying here at all. And I don’t make assumptions. Please be clear in what you are trying to say!

    2. @Genchfa Manfunzi God business is to bring the good news to this hurting and sin sick world to whomsoever will.

    3. @Servant Of The Lord I agree with you on that, but what does vaccines has to do in all of this.

    4. @Genchfa Manfunzi it’s the mark of the beast.
      Revelation 13:16-17
      And he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive A MARK in their right hand or in their forehead that no man might BUY or SELL unless he have the mark the name of the beast or the number of his name.
      Be honest isn’t this happening right now?

      I want to say other things to you but I gotta be careful what I type because If I type certain things YOUTUBE will DELETE my comment, I kid you not, this is not a joke the vaccine, the NIDs and the RFID chip are the mark of the beast.

  1. Isn’t Giovani the most handsome and pleasant reporter you’ve ever seen? Might have to steal him for our WJLA TV-7

  2. Passover time, angel of death will knock on your door… that was a song granny use to sing and a warning for the end days. Pharo and his host is going to drown. Look up redemption draw nigh. Black people know yourself.

    1. Its sad how even our own people have side with the beast to blindly take us out by the millions. an there gladly participating an the media is no better….

  3. It’s deliberate attack on Jamaica citizens but where is the Paul Bogle and nanny blood. Everyone just laying down with their legs open.

    1. That is what happens when people turn away from God. He will not force anyone, and when we pledge our alegenc to the devil what you think the result will be.

  4. I believe you guys should do more work more studying and whenever you come back to us there is something to shine speculate is not what I want

  5. In Jamaica there is so much advisor I think if one person r personal provide update and the way forward it would be a better understanding Jack have a solution Gene have a solution may we have a solution Dr Paul have a solution

  6. Why the police do not have their own room where they give update instead to go to the parish council office I do not get it

  7. Jamaican people believe the world coming from the JPS I would love to have a vote on that I hate each and everyone that work at JPS

  8. Where is the glove that the nurses should use for the vaccines? The government should be providing gloves its not a good look.

  9. What kind of administering of vaccine is that Lady? No gloves, anddd the same gauze is used to wipe the area is also used after giving the vaccine on the area vaccinated. Lord help!

  10. Uno Lie eee this news is all made up,Mi nuh think suh much Covid case deh a JA uno only a seh dis fi mek ppl get frighten and stay home.

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