12-year-old takes part in Pfizer vaccine trial for children 1

12-year-old takes part in Pfizer vaccine trial for children


12-year-old Caleb Chung explains why he chose to participate in the study and the process involved in being a participant.

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    1. @Max Weinbach Definitely NOT to experiment on under age kids ! Do you want to be parts of some shady experiment , no one knows the relatively short term nor the long term side effects ? ( or the possible inherited side effects ? ) GO AHEAD ! We are the guardians of our children at least till age 18 !!! The parents responsibility !

  1. What a shame, nobody explained him nor the others, NOT to be a guinea pig ! Shame on all the parents and medical workers !

    1. @Max Weinbach A 12 years old child is not able to make an educated decision over his health, life and over very possible side effects, what even doctors don’t know today ! What they do is NOT immunization, rather trial as they said in the interview . A ” random internet person” has more compassion and wit than offer his own childe to any experiment, what we all know had really bad side effects already !

    2. @zsolt karner lol so help me with your logic. A parent or guardian has no say or direction of their child’s health? Or the ultimate decision is up to the child?
      What about my scenario of the cancer patient above?

  2. Nothing but a virtue signal from Dad. Disgusting what a parent will resort to to try and prove how superior they are as a parent.

  3. Child abuse, but you wouldn’t care about that. Especially when you covered up the contents of Hunter’s laptop.

  4. What a heartwarming story.

    Then in two weeks when he tragically dies we can get another calm report about how this doesn’t mean anything.

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