126 House Democrats Now Support Impeachment | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. I still think it’s all just a matter of the timing. The closer this happens to the election, the better. I wouldn’t do it that way… and you wouldn’t do it that way… but I think that’s the way Pelosi wants to do it.

  1. At this rate, the democrats will be ready to begin impeachment 2 years after the end of Trump’s second term.

  2. Seems that the Democratic Party is not in step with the majority of voters who want Trump indicted, convicted and jailed.

    1. Joe: You and I may wish that Trump will someday be indicted and convicted for crimes. I see no reason to send him to jail. I’d demand $500 million in reparations to the US gov’t as his punishment. Be that as it may, what you or I want does not mean that a majority of voters want it. Have you any evidence to prove your assertion?

  3. The Russians won the election not Trump. Handcuffs are waiting for the orange menace when he leaves. 🤡🎪🇷🇺

    1. @Bob Smith LMAO… Who’s gonna vote for Trump..? Show us some numbers. We both know that you can’t… because 70% of Americans will be voting against Trump and there’s nothing you can do about it. Cry harder, weak little troll.

    2. @Steve Hanson You didn’t hear it from ME in 2016. I predicted that Trump would win back in 2016. I was right then… and I’m right now. See, I’m not like you, little boy. I actually have credentials. Run away now.

  4. Anyone who has taken paralegal courses often starts with “Ignorance is no excuse” so the slack that has been given to the trumps because they lack experience is ridiculous. Anyone in this admin should be held to the very highest standard rather than lowering the bar for them.

  5. Barr prematurely terminated the investigation right after he was sworn in as Attorney General. Then he lied about the summary of the report to keep the unexonerated orange puppet out of prison.

  6. Vote Blue and flip red states to purple blue

  7. I’m voting for any candidate that protect and defend Our Sovereign Constitution

  8. but they all supported this –  US HR1837 United States-Israel Cooperation Enhancement and Regional Security Act  Thank you Lauren –

  9. Does anyone know how long it will take to undo the damage Trump and Putin have done to America? PRETENDING THAT WE CAN KEEP THEM FROM CORRUPTING ANOTHER ELECTION WILL NOT WORK!

  10. Coordinating with Russia is impeachable. As president, actively trying to discredit his own intelligence agencies in defense of Russia is treason.

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