13 Deported from The UK | 3 Gang Members Sentenced to a Total of 18 Yrs - December 2 2020 1

13 Deported from The UK | 3 Gang Members Sentenced to a Total of 18 Yrs – December 2 2020


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  1. Gang members…18 years? No wonder people are not afraid of committing crimes in Jamaica.
    When will Jamaica start to enforce stricter laws against crime and violence? Smh

    1. A lot of us can’t have party because we have bills and children to take care of and prisoners are enjoying themselves after they made so many children and families cry day and night for their loved ones.

  2. Jamaican government take everything the other countries give them too much, why in the midst of the pandemic the British government still deporting people back to Jamaican, why can’t wait, see this is the 20th century and we still living in slavery, that the same way they do it back then, only defrent is, it’s not a boat it’s a airplane

  3. Uchence and his crew not getting what they truly deserve give them a righteous reward of life imprisonment.

  4. If you do not want to deport behave yourself act like a human being and then no one would ever have any problem with you in their country but Jamaican people have no courtesy

  5. Men like those should have harsher penalties like 60 yrs when you think they are back out on the streets doing the same thing.

  6. Now I know what to do in order to get free room and board at the Olympia Crown hotel, on Molynes Road

  7. Jamaica is my kingdom and I will reign in love, democracy the world system is over, Jesus Christ my lord and savior has made me king and my wife queen to rule the world from Jamaica in love.

  8. What the hell is going on with the judge in Jamaica how can men how do such crime get 3 and 4 year the judge need to go why is so much crime in Jamaica no it’s a desgrase

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