13 Injured in Bog Walk Gorge Accident in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News - June 8 2021 1

13 Injured in Bog Walk Gorge Accident in Jamaica | TVJ Midday News – June 8 2021


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  1. If u interview more inner-city boy they might give u the same answer but where is the parents they might standing there listening

    1. Hmmm…the cops might have killed his father.. brother..uncle.. maybe he’s just mimicking his surroundings…then again the police behavior in these communities might have something to do with…?

  2. All children living in the innercities are exposed and trained to do the wrong things by adults. They play very explicit music about men and women in bedroom and curse a lot around these children. When some persons speak to their parents they are cussed out telling ppl to leave dem alone and mind dem own business. These children cannot learn remotely they need to go back to school.

  3. Maybe he hears the bad things happening in society via media. Society grows children. Its likely he has heard alot of bad things about the Police and has no trust in them. He needs help. The family as well.

  4. The reporters must ask persons who talking to them to use their mask remember covid is still on.

  5. You only can take a person where you have been, that person is a gunman, this should be thoroughly investigate and this person brought to Justice and the child get real counseling.

  6. Positive social intervention should be implemented from an early age so the youths don’t accept these vices as cultural norms.

    1. Adults/guardians are accountable for children behavior, children live what they learn..and many parents, adults, and guardians exposes children to explicit and profound contents and activities from an early age…those people are just toxic passing down their toxic traits to children

    2. Its sad when you think of how some people have children in these last days and the child /children grows up living in toxic environment and learned negative, drastic examples from these so-called parents and the communities. What the child see and hear from parents /guardians shaped his /her behaviour and thinking from an early stage, example this childs comment, ‘I want to become a gunman and killed police ‘. Smh. Cant work. early intervention is crucial from parents /guardians government etc. to inculcate intellectual and reasoning with the child /children from a reciprocity perspective so that they can learn the usefulness of being good citizens in their community and to the wider generation.


  8. I saw it also and was so shocked .And to hear adults laughing. That child needs to be located for sure to get counselling and proper parental guidance. I am so scared for our children Smh. I am praying for Gods guidance and protection for our Jamaican children,like seriously.

  9. Counciling should be free especially now in covid when mental health is on the rise,any one need to talk am here to listen.

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  11. The home where the child lives need prayer . children lives what them learn may God have mercy on us

  12. With proper investigation this case should have been solved already. Parents should be in custody and if the person videotaping did not cooperate he should be arrested too.. With this mindset crime will never decrease in Jamaica.

  13. Tvj: people with information on who the child is in the video should contact so and so.
    Me: unblur the child’s face then so we can know who the child is!!!!

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