135th Groundhog Day celebration | USA Today 1

135th Groundhog Day celebration | USA Today


Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow? Watch Groundhog Day live from Gobbler’s Knob in Pennsylvania

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  1. God: So you mean to tell me I gave you geniuses who invented the doplar radar and..
    USA: we prefer the groundhog yes

    1. I spend time viewing your profile… you seems amazing I know it took you time getting your profile so interesting and exceptional. Keep it up my dear I love your profile… HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.

    1. It’s either 6 more weeks of winter or 6 weeks ’til spring. Either way he is pretty accurate. First day of spring is in 6 weeks…

    1. its only for a couple weeks until we flatten the curve. But we WILL NOT stop flights from China because thats racist. ALSO, we will stop flights from South Africa, because thats not racist…. Of course all the white countries, like UK and Germany are always allowed because thats NOT racist. Like I said…..just a couple weeks. Enjoy

  2. Me: weathermen are useless- don’t ever listen to them
    Also me: everyone shut up, a groundhog is predicting the future

    1. @FloridaGreg No he picks to scroll has nothing to do with his shadow like it used to do years ago, but now he just picks the scroll like which one he wants them to read that’s what he does.

  3. I missed the cardboard popup people. They must have all been shipped off to Tampa for the super (dud) bowl.
    Well, back to lockdown, where *Every Day is Groundhog Day.*

  4. Today I was born 53 years ago. Every year since has been watching the groundhog peek out from his burrow and look for his shadow. Its a life long tradition for me and my family.

    1. Happy Birthday to you hun!
      Sux that you can’t go out and celebrate, maybe we will all be let out of lockdown for your next one.

    2. @Doug Martin years ago the weather men used to monitor a groundhog in Washington DC. It was fun every year getting up early and waiting for the weather man to tell us.

    1. Men choose there own ways, and use animals the spirit of God as a show. I wanna kno how many times they rehearsed this cause is definitely not live

  5. I like how some humans don’t believe in climate science, but will take weather predictions from a rodent. Omg we are so smart.

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