140 Jamaican Mongrel Dogs Get Canadian Residency | TVJ News - March 15 2021 1

140 Jamaican Mongrel Dogs Get Canadian Residency | TVJ News – March 15 2021


Over 140 dogs are now in Canada after they were flown there from Jamaica.

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    1. @Great Bill thats because the so-called white race view dogs more of human than the black man in his eyes he loves the dogs more than the so-called black race ,I don’t know why they are so happy for these dogs,they don’t even see the bigger picture.

    2. @Daughter of zion I agree with you. Amd I am not a racist person. I believe other humans looking different from me are humans as well. We are all equal humans!
      However, certain race treatothers looking different worse than tgeie pet (dog or cat)! THAT’S A FACT!
      With all the genocide that occurred in Africa, fery few opened their doors for thise affected. However, they were quick to assist countries affected by war and other atrocities (Germany – Holocast, Czech Republic – massacre, Syria – current genocide…etc.)!

    1. @conscious official and what about the dogs? Why only people? It is the greed of mankind which causes animal suffering in the first place. Animals feel and suffer just like humans. If you want the hungry people helped then you are free to help them instead of thinking that we should help the hungry people before we help the animals.

  1. Omg I am so happy … this is my whole point of becoming a vet when I am older … I am glad to see ppl helping the dogs in jamaica

    1. @R L I’m cracking up from the comments,this is sure a hot topic,I hope those dogs don’t go to Canada and commit any crime,the rest of dogs who left back in Jamaica would not get a visa.

    1. Yeah man white people like animal more than human being, look how many suffering kids out here, dem csnt adopt some??

  2. I am so happy for those dogs , they deserve it, it pains my my heart to see how some of these dogs are treated here in Jamaica. Thanks God they will have nice, loving, caring families.

  3. This warms my heart. I hate seeing them on the streets being abused and suffering. They need to go to other parishes too.

    1. @Rahim Freshhh They are in kingston quite often. Several times a week possibly. some of the animals they have at the haven are from Kingston.

    1. @Joy Madison wonder if me meet up with any a them,they will realize say a down yard me come from to

    1. @Suzy Queen to each his own…..she loves dogs.. I love my dogs. children have been getting help over the years. The persons may not have reached all children. We mis treat dogs for no reason. My “Mongrel” dont even sleep outside. had some ask if i have a “dutty mongrel” in my house and that pissed me off.

  4. Tears of joy mi a tell you! This warms my heart& really made my day!!! As a person who love animals, mi cya bare fi see how ppl treat dogs a Jamaica!! Abuse & hit them fi no reason at all!!! I hope they adopt more! this is so nice!!!!

  5. “Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals, is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people. ”
    ― Cesar Chavez

    1. Agreed! That is exactly what I said last week on my story Androcles and the Lion! Please check the story out on my channel. Thanks.

    2. I whole heatedly agree. We can tell how civilized a country is by how animals, children and the elderly are treated as they are most vulnerable to abuse.

    3. For ypur record in canada a law has passed in June 2016, for them to have sex with animals you can research that.

  6. Dogs are more loyal than human beings. Sometimes I wish if could avoid interacting with human beings. I hope YouTube won’t block me

    1. Dogs loyal cause you feed dem..stop feed dm no..just stop…STILL LOYAL!!! GO ROAD GO EAT N FAWUD BACK

    2. @Michelle Flowers-Smith But if your not giving them food they’re going to go find somewhere. What do you want them to do starve?

  7. All those complaining about why Canada couldn’t do this for Jamaica’s homeless, etc, need to understand that there are homeless ppl in Canada too, that is the country’s responsibility to help. Jamaica’s gov’t need to deal with Jamaica’s problems, not Canada. Get out of this begging mentality and challenge your own Gov’t to get up off their asses and do the damn job that they were elected to do…

    1. Canada dealing with a serious Homeless Problem especially in Toronto. Like it’s a whole lotta homeless folk. A LOT!!!!

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