159 people still missing after Florida condo collapse | What we know about the investigation 1

159 people still missing after Florida condo collapse | What we know about the investigation


Genevieve Beauchemin has the latest from Florida, where a frantic search for survivors continues after a condo suddenly collapsed.

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  1. It is not rising sea level. It is depletion of the fresh water limestone aquifer which intern can allow encroachment of saltwater.

  2. I was thinking the building still standing but particularly collapsed was the was problem. But no, the problem was the building that fell right into its own footprint.

    1. @Dylan McShane They actually are designed to fall straight down in the event of demolition. But if the building collapses on it’s own, it will fall straight down as well. Look at the World Trade Center for example, they fell straight down and that was not a controlled demolition. They were just designed to fall straight down.

    2. @SledgeDragon If the building structurally fails it will pancake yes. And I can tell you that’s exactly what happened here. Why is the answer.

    3. @SledgeDragon find me *one* video of a structually failing building looking like controlled demolition

    4. @Hug With an H find me one video of a structually failing building looking like controlled demolition

    1. Concrete structure means there are bound to be cubby holes formed, which means possible survivors, sure hoping so anyways.

  3. There was a huge department store collapsed in 1995 in South Korea and they still could find survivors after 17 days. Please please have hope and support the life savers who are working really hard.

    1. So, 40 year old building. Currently undergoing certification. Big variable is if building is all rental or owners. If rental, definitely a suit of negligence/failure to conduct assessment earlier, especially if there is evidence it was delayed. Now, if it is individual owners/ a strata, the strata minutes may show the owners voting not to assess the building safety etc (expensive cost) earlier. So it’s going to be really really messy and sad either way.

  4. Real tears for those lost. The World gets darker for those that shared in their lives. What’s with the bright spots while it collapsed?

  5. That could be a sinkhole which wasn’t deep but enough to bring that building down that is possible..
    It is near the beach and deep deep under could be hollow..

    1. no it was structural. bad build + high salt content in air rusts rebar faster. concrete slabs had no slope either which collected water and let it seep into the concrete, deteriorating it and compromising the strength if the rebar

  6. Rescuers have protective footwear yet the rescue dogs have to navigate through shards of broken glass, sharp debris and all sorts of dangerous stuff laying all over the place w/o protective booties? Rescue dogs deserve to be safe as well.

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