16-Year Old In Pfizer Vaccine Trial: I’m Proud To Know That I’m A Part Of The Change | Katy Tur 1

16-Year Old In Pfizer Vaccine Trial: I’m Proud To Know That I’m A Part Of The Change | Katy Tur


Melanie, a 16-year-old taking part in the Pfizer vaccine trials, joins Katy Tur to discuss her journey in this historic study. Aired on 12/2/2020.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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16-Year Old In Pfizer Vaccine Trial: I’m Proud To Know That I’m A Part Of The Change | Katy Tur


  1. Brave girl, but I’d rather us old folks be the guinea pigs, God forbid there are side effects! you’d have to suffer them far longer than us. But thank you for your courage!!

    1. I suspect they’ll have a range of ages taking part in the study, especially since it’s intended for use by all ages.

    2. The Poison vaccines should be only for Evil media and most fake News which are part of Planpandemic. The poison Influenza vaccines was sent From China to around the world for free and mandatory to 65 years old people and those who had compromise health activated the Covid-19. Those Doctors and experts coming with the True are censored by Evil Media.

    1. @Elvir so your a sissy. We are all genny pigs anyway, you take medicine from doctors don’t you. Same thing

  2. 2018: China is again number 1 as it had been prior to 1840 and world colonisation.
    2019: Covid arrives in Europe.
    2020: Trump and Fox TV are proven liars and US Covid deaths increase to over 279,267.
    2021: Americans stand up for their patriotic rights to wear masks, social distance and stop being the laughing stock of the world !

  3. Warp speed means fast on Star Trek…
    In the real world, warp speed is an example of the US taking 10 months to remain earth’s worst example in the pandemic.
    On the bright side without a vaccine, Taiwan, New Zealand, Vietnam and China have not had a Covid fatality in over 3 months.

  4. Are they FN crazy identifying people !!, what if she dies of some random accident, conspiracy loons will destroy the public uptake of the vaccination.

  5. What a lovely and interesting story… and (sorry if this sounds sexist but…) gosh she’s VERY CUTE!!!

  6. ALL MEDIA PROPAGANDA TO ENCOURAGE VACCINES WHICH CORPORATE AMERICA BROUGHT HERE AND COST MIDDLE CLASS FAMILIES $4.5 TRILLION loss of jobs and businesses, Bill Gates has been working on the vaccine for years, Mark Zuckerberg mister is promoting it, Bill Gates will profit $$$$ Big time…ALL PLANNED NOTHING BY ACCIDENT..Corporatized everything so you must use the vaccine or loose your job and home, FEDERAL RESERVE AND BIG TECH ARE YOUR ENEMIES

  7. Very concerned about the fact that they are pushing this vaccine on black people. These people haven’t cared about our health for decades and now they care? Something don’t smell right.

    1. I hear you bro. My first thought too. Its funny how white Conservatives boast about how patriotic they are. But when its time for them to put their lives on the line (I.e. by serving in the military or vaccine tests), they say: “No freaking way I’m signing my kid up to do that. Let black and Hispanic kids serve.” Lol

  8. Reminds me of that time t’rump told John Kelly that his son was a loser for dying in service of this country, while at the grave of said fallen soldier.

  9. A teenager acting more adult than a lot of adults out there. Thank you! If you ever read this. You are beautiful through and through, this will save many lives.

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