16yr Old Girl Stabbed at Her Home in Clarendon, Jamaica | TVJ News – May 6 2021

16yr Old Girl Stabbed at Her Home in Clarendon, Jamaica | TVJ News - May 6 2021 1


  1. These people who sign up as first responders don’t want to do their jobs while collecting checks. If you called for dam ambulance they should come

    1. Do you know how many ambulances are available? Do you know how many emergencies using limited amount of vehicles are made? Do you think Jamaica is a first world country? Even in England, you can wait a while before an ambulance arrives.

    2. kmt , jamaica ambulance service is not provided by government that’s the first thing, some hospital may have one working ambulance that’s used to transport patients between hospital. Not every service provider offer services to the whole Jamaica , suh yu can talk bout people getting pay cheque and not working , dem, not working for govt .

  2. Her own home and the mother feed this person not a rxss. He needs to receive Jungle Justice then carry him to prison

  3. I wish the covid virus would wipe out every single wicked person in Jamaica. I wish God would just rid Jamaica of all these disgusting wicked people

    1. My Dear, we have to leave Vengance unto the Lord, & forgive the Wicked dem that harms us.

    2. The question is are the people turning to God? Even Church leaders are throwing in the towel because they are afraid of the government.

  4. Good God of Heaven, what happened to my own jamn ppl dem ?. Why uno so Wicked to each other. What that helpless girl could have done, That cause anyone to do that to her. Lord have mercy.

  5. Lord have mercy god please pay a visit even though i think u fed up with us and the blood shed every day. wow how some of uno wicked so ??

  6. My God this is wickedness and the highest level. Jamaica is a slaughter house good God. I pray she gets a swift recovery

  7. There are no words that describe the violence against women and children that is taking place on a daily basis in Jamaica. How do they protect themselves?

  8. Jesus mighty God intervene oh Lord and stretch fourth hands and heal her completely from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet restore her back to normal father God only u can in Jesus name I pray Amen 🙏

  9. This is appalling only a monster could do such a thing. Let’s hope that he is now in custody and on the day of trial the Judge
    sees sense and ordered him to be locked away for a very, very long time.

  10. My word, smh, I don’t even let my male coworkers come to my home anymore because I have a teen daughter, I don’t trust anyone

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