17 SEPROD Employees Arrested in Connection wih Multi Million Dollar Fraud | TVJ News

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  1. They’ll need to call in there SSL friends and hold them accountable as well for peoples hard earned money, see the difference when you have a name in society and a common person not condoning these peoples actions in anyway. Just saying there’s different laws for different people.

    1. not really…SSL was committed by highly educated and experienced people who covered their tracks well…these were low level idiots carrying out basic scams which were bound to be undone.

  2. And them nuh arrest Andrew Holeness out them yet…life is funny eee..unuh quick cry out bout this…but we still want to know weh Bolt money goes..

  3. Thou shalt not steal be content with your pay anytime Satan temp u fi do nothing Dont dweet is a trap it feel sweet then turn bitter Seek God accept Jesus and Live forever

  4. WHY BOTHER to REPORT ON THESE NEWS EVENTS when there is little to NO FOLLOW-UP on any resolutions of these matters?

  5. why call out their home addresses like that though. If you know where they are why not just send the police with the court order.

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