17 States Say Texas Should Decide Swing States' Elections | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

17 States Say Texas Should Decide Swing States’ Elections | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow marvels that the state of Texas thinks it should have a say in how Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin conduct their elections, and wonders at the 17 other Republican-controlled states that agree that the Supreme Court should overturn the election for Donald Trump. Aired on 12/10/2020.
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17 States Say Texas Should Decide Swing States' Elections | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @KingBobXIV
      It doesn’t matter if it’s Texas or a private individual bringing the case, the important part is whether or not the swing states followed the requirements of the Constitution.
      If they did then there is no problem, if they didn’t then you should be outraged as this would undermine the republic and you should hold to account those who ran the election in those states.
      Don’t displace your anger onto those who believe the Constitution has not been followed and want SCOTUS to look at it and decide.

    2. @Laughing Achilles Keep digging your hole, Junior. Keep telling others how to manage their anger. It’s cute how you pretend to be a big boy. It’s been a while since we seen an organ grinder, and we enjoy your little monkee dance. *_”You just keep thinking, Butch, that’s what you’re good at.”_* ~~ Sundance

    3. @Laughing Achilles 
      *_SCOTUS won’t focus on dufus POTUS bogus votus hocus pocus._*
      _”Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.”_ ~~ Jack Handey

    1. This network said the Hunter Biden did nothing wrong and refuse to cover the laptop story, that did not age well. Now they expect you to believe them when they tell you there was not fraud in the 2020 election and refuse to show you all the fraud that has been uncovered. Just want you to believe all the Rep. are crazy and out of there minds. They will not ever tell you the truth about the lawsuit. MSM is dead, they are in the pocket of the left and are just the puppets for the Democrat party. Misinforming half the country and refusing to report the truth. Sad.

    2. @Half Minute Right Yes, where Hunter is concerned they seem to run cover for him. Frankly, there’s been so much going on that I haven’t followed it as closely as I usually would.
      However, where this Trump nonsense is concerned, I’d think that after 6 weeks and 50 some-odd court cases that have been soundly rejected for lack of evidence it’s past time we all moved on.
      This latest SCOTUS case doesn’t stand a chance either. The TexAss A.G. Ken Paxton is most likely hoping if he jumps onto the crazy Trump train Trump just might be persuaded to grant him a Presidential Pardon for his 5-year long battle with corruption and fraud charges of his own. It’s looking more and more like every day now that Mr. Paxton will be going to jail … very soon.

    3. susan ray next time MSNBC hires someone that refuses to report and cover the news you should apply for the job. Have you seen the videos from GA. You more than likely have not if you watch MSM.

    4. @Scratching Steven Lets Get Lucky!!!!!!! it must be hard having the psyche of the main villain in an 80s Cold War action flick. Good luck with assimilating back into society.

    5. @Scratching Steven Lets Get Lucky!!!!!!! LMAO! WTAF fool? Bill Barr has an entire Justice Department to call out including the FBI that’s at his disposal. WOOPSEE! So, why hasn’t Bill Barr mustered all that governmental power he’s in charge of? I know, I know, I know … bc Bill Barr said, it’s over Trump, Biden won. I’m just wondering when Trump is going to fire Bill Barr. Any clue on that one, Unlucky Dope Scratching Stevie?

  1. I love how people say they want less corruption in the world unless you’re getting an advantage out of it then turn the Blind Eye

    1. Say I’m not talking about about what the news has thought for me I’m talking about what I’ve actually investigated and seen for my own eyes the corruption is a pattern that has developed well before this election and well before Donald Trump’s first election

    2. Turning a blind eye is not investigating the election. You know, what the Left wants to do. Of course, they were all for investigating the Russian collusion hoax. But investigating this – that’s a big no-no!

    3. @Spyder Steve I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump tried to disown his legal team because of their gross incompetency. They will say in public whatever they’re paid to say.

    1. @hughjarrse What’s funny is dopes like you voting for a pathetic washed up senile failure who’s balls deep in corruption. you picked him, you get to pay higher taxes right along with me!

    2. @Mr Deplorable2020 you misunderstood.i was paying you the best compliment you can hope to receive. wait here it comes again.Wanker. hope you got it this time

  2. I hope Americans realise they have absolutely and completely lost ANY moral authority to say anything about any other country’s elections from now on.
    You are the laughing stock of the world now.

    1. @Lee Martin Except that never happened moron, every ballot that was sent out could only go to people who REGISTERED to vote and were vetted in the standard way that people are vetted every single election. You can’t vote or get a ballot without registering, no one can just fill out ballots and then have them counted, the machines that scan them would instantly report an error. Just like voting in person, when a mail in vote is counted the computer software knows if that ballot was given out or not. Every single ballot that was counted was from a voter who registered. sheesh, get a clue. These elections happened with added security, democratic AND republican observers, the people that scan the ballots even work in pairs so that no-one can cheat! Then the machine totals are checked against random small recounts in most states just to confirm that everything is on the up and up. Since the election there have then been additional recounts in areas of MI, WI, and Georgia, they all showed that the count was accurate. YOUR SIDE has NO EVIDENCE, the side that all the sane people are on has shown copious amounts of evidence that the count is accurate and that the system cannot be gamed, period.

    2. @Duncan MacPhail
      Maybe you and I have different perspectives of what fraud is. What do you think of this scenario?:
      Let’s say you found out from a cousin that your deceased/ estranged father left you an inheritance but couldn’t find you when it was distributed. You’ve been doing research ever since trying to locate it. Finally you just decide to run his SS# to see what pops up. To your frustration, a document called Michigan voter roll and the first thing that catches your eye is Duuncin McPhail (spelt slightly different than your own name), then you see your father’s actual birth date with an addresses that neither of you has ever lived.
      That really happened to me recently. I’m tempted to send the Feds to that address to see what’s really going. Our names are even more unique than yours, what are the odds? If they can steal mine & my father’s identity like that ( they have a name for it called ” synthetic identity”) and use it to vote, they probably got our missing money too.

    1. @Chris B haha, I stand guilty and corrected. I did actually read them but took out context in my haste. Thought you were saying free speech exists still, in general, when you were responding in reference to him telling you to shut up. Apologies. In my defense, I`m exhaustedand and not at my best right now. Cheers. Trump 2020. Hav given up yet.

    2. @Steven L Emerson It’s all good. I did see the report on YT and viewed several videos recorded by that crazy elected official in Michigan.

    3. @Chris B No kidding! Well, Israel and Iran are reportedly both on high alert after Israel assassinated Iran’s nuclear scientist and China has been getting evermore belligerent and it putting maximum pressure on
      Australia. Seems like Trump’s fool-hearty tariffs have set off a chain reaction around the world. Now China is pulling strong-arm bully tactics on other nations and Aussie-Land is it for the moment. And here we are in the Trump fall-out USA with a higher trade deficit than ever. Whatta ‘ya gonna do?

    4. @Chris B Awww hells bells, sweetie. I didn’t know there were 18 Amendments left after the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Catch me up. Which 18 are they and what Rights are those 18 Amendments for?

  3. I just hope voters, both Republicans and Democrats, remember the names of the joiners in those 17 states when each runs for reelection again.

    1. Yeah TOTALLY believable that corrupt old senile basement dwelling Beijing Biden that has zero enthusiastic support, and could barely muster a few dozen at his rallies, got more votes than any previous candidate in US history, more votes than Obama and Trump ever got, when they both have giant enthusiastic fan bases. I’m sure there’s nothing amiss there at all . LOL Laughable.

    2. @ScreechingBlueHairFeminist Yeah, it is believable. You are missing some important unparalleled events that no Trump fan seems to be able to comprehend. Major one is that Democrats (and many Republicans) didn’t dismiss the idea of sensible Covid precautions by gathering in large un-masked crowds (to listen to a man saying it was all a hoax, mind you). We honestly did not want to spread the virus. We all have vulnerable people we care about and don’t put rallies ahead of that. Besides, this is modern times man! Even with that, we didn’t miss anything, we watched them online. And also because of Covid, many of us (that believe in Covid, that is) voted by mail, or early, or hand delivered to our local gov. And because a large majority of those were Democrat, THAT is why we are having this circus, not for “massive fraud”. They just wanted to eliminate the mail-in votes because it would have eliminated a lot of Democrat votes. And oddly enough, only in the swing states! I personally think we should put all the states through this, now that it’s come to this. Surely there’s some shade on the red states we could find, lol! But…It’s looking like that won’t be necessary and I can live with that. Hopefully so can you.

    3. @C C You MSNBC & CNN viewers are totally brainwashed. You have no idea what is really going on in our country because you feed your brain with this propaganda.

    4. @Origami Mambo We will see on January 20th 2021 @ who lost the election. Don’t be mad MSNBC & CNN had you fooled again.

    1. @Because Reasons disagreeing with _the Leader_ is not treason,. Disagreeing with the outcome of a certified election, however… let’s see what comes next.

    2. Isn’t attempting to overthrow the government a federal crime? Those congress people who are for this should be removed from office.

    3. @Amy Walker so they are attempting to “overthrow the govt” by going to court?…seems as if you may need to reevaluate.

    4. @Because Reasons Having governors or electors’ vote cast differently than the will of the people is attempting to overthrow the government. Perhaps you are the one who needs to reevaluate.

    5. @Because Reasons “democrat officials should be on trial for treason?” Sure sweetie.The part that sucks for you is how many state Republicans aren’t bending over for Donald, including Republican judges.

  4. I CANNOT take any more. I thought this was almost over, then they kick it up to “11”. WTF, when will this FINALLY end?!?!?

    1. @Yeah Yeah Did you even read the declassed version? The DNC & Hillary were behind it all. It’s all in the declassed docs. Read em & weep.

    2. @Trebleda Uaedirb Sounds like you Rachel Maddow show followers are the ones that are misguided & misinformed. You do realize that this show is not real news? It is just an opinion show just like the Daily show, Colbert report & Tucker Carlson etc. I just click on MSNBC to channel to get a good laugh every now & then.

    1. Texas has made very strong points on PA and others not following their state constitution. Read the lawsuit, dont listen to the media. Regardless of party I cant understand everyone not being concerned.

    2. The constitution says state legislatures are part of the checks and balances of states. Voters in these states were disenfranchised when they went around the peoples elected officials to make major changes. Their unconstitutional changes are their business if they are handling things locally or within their state, but in a national election they effect others within the union. That’s the argument.

    3. Brooke thank you for explaining I’ve learned to stay out of most conversations I shouldn’t have made a comment without going into it deeper, great explanation thanks.

    4. The Trump Amendment, since there is no such amendment as a Trump Amendment.
      Which makes this all unconstitutional.

    1. @Manuel Robles with Brexit,and unrest in France, I just don’t see it. Until all humans have the opportunity to earn a living wage,affordable housing, and food on the table, there will never be peace. I’m not suggesting that everyone is capable of doing skilled labor, be it because of physical, or mental disability, or educational opportunity, but as I drive down the road, I pass a lot of people begging, in the most wealthy country on earth. I realize that a segment of those people are capable of some kind of work, but are disqualified because of some legal infraction, or other discrimination. If we invested in our educational system, as much as we do sports,or companies that pervert, though their support of political parties,for leverage, to enrich themselves, while paying zip in taxes,that could be used for mental healthcare, or other services, for the disenfranchised, we are all doomed to mediocrity. Until we pick up our poorest citizens, we,as a country, are only realizing a small percentage of our potential. God bless America, her troops, and all her People. Capt.Bob, SV 27th Chance, Tampa Fl

    2. @Mr Deplorable2020 sorry,I’m an American. That seems to be the problem. You ,and your messiah, Trump, are dividing the most powerful, richest nation,in history. I ask,for what? I don’t identify with a political party,or sell out to unreasonable demands, by a particular group. What we need is a sense of decency, and empathy ,for all those suffering from the impotence of our government, to protect all her People. While peaceful protest is protected, as is Freedom of Speach, demanding that your particular goal,or right,supercedes everyone who disagrees with you, is Un-American, in my opinion. We have endured 5 years of Trump. Ok,let’s say he won 2016. Forgoing evidence that it was due to any outside interface. Biden won 2020. “The most secure election in US history “, according to all agencies, and officials, appointed by Trump. He’s still eligible to run in 2024. It’s not unprecedented. Grover Cleveland was 22nd, and 24th,so this is just sour grapes. Go pound sand. You probably preach fair play,and sportsmanship, to your children. If not,you should. God bless America, her troops, and all her People. Capt.Bob, SV 27th Chance, Tampa Fl.

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