1961 school walkout over jailed student activist led to more action | USA TODAY 1

1961 school walkout over jailed student activist led to more action | USA TODAY


After Brenda Travis was expelled from high school for her arrest for joining a sit-in, more than 100 Black fellow students walked out in protest.


USA TODAY’s “Seven Days of 1961” explores how sustained acts of resistance can bring about sweeping change. Throughout 1961, activists risked their lives to fight for voting rights and the integration of schools, businesses, public transit and libraries. Decades later, their work continues to shape debates over voting access, police brutality and equal rights for all.

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  1. Segregation was the best thing for my people but whites did not appreciate us building ourselves without their help or say. We had our own, at least we were trying. Now we’re integrated and they’ll limit us to the core then say we’re lazy. When we were in our own communities and little corners we helped build each other

    1. Are you involved against our modern day segregation. 74% of blacks just in New York city ain’t eattin in restaurants or allowed go to public sport events because they don’t have government permission vacseen cards. Spread the word, rise up

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