1983: Prince Charles and Diana's visit to Ottawa 1

1983: Prince Charles and Diana’s visit to Ottawa


Watch this June 21, 1983 report on Prince Charles and Diana’s visit to Ottawa.

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    1. Dead. After being used as child sex slaves until a certain age they were most likely used in rituals, and then offed to tie up loose ends.

  1. Royal family is a joke. Back 400 years ago maybe, but now they are spend money that comes from the Commonwealth, which is now the Commonpoor. Let them play their fantasy on their own buck! Slime!

    1. Right on Patrick. I have been pushing for abolishment all my life. It is the ONLY thing Canadians can do to at least put the brakes on globalism. It won’t stop local corruption but it would eliminate the biggest foreign interference factor.

    2. The tourist dollars alone brought in by the Royals is over a billion alone, if you think the Royals are the reason for the economic problems in the UK, you are sadly mistaken.

  2. Imagine if a power outage were to happen today with a royal couple it would be end of times savage. The 80’s was a pretty chill time in comparison.

  3. Bless Diana and curse the entire royal family. The smartest thing we could ever do is abolish it, give them back the throne and Crown and look after our own affairs. Nasty nasty meddlers.

  4. Yes I went india marriage sisters around night lights gone when my went in bathroom for wedding shower

  5. In night put potatoes around 80 in water boil i don’t waiting waiting the something wrong with it

  6. Ya, news by definition is something that happened decades ago!! Why don’t you guys cover the fraud in the election, like the videos that have come out at PA and Georgia? Oh, that’s because you guys spent two weeks telling trump to concede…

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