1989: CES shows off HD TVs and CDs as the future of tech 1

1989: CES shows off HD TVs and CDs as the future of tech


At the Consumer Electronics Show in 1989, innovations from high definition TVs to CDs foreshadowed the future of tech. A teddy bear acting as a car alarm even managed to make it into this CNN video pulled from our archives.


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  1. I’m always fascinated by looking at retro tech. There are so many prototypes that never made it to market.

    1. Possibly outnumbered by those that made it to the market, but failed so miserably that either we don’t remember or have never heard about them.

  2. 5 months in the world before this cover & wow there talking about HDTV’s & Nintendo as future bound? they were not wrong.

    1. Nintendo didn’t bother with HD on the Wii when they could of as the PS3 and Xbox 360 had HDMI. Nintendo and HD is a no-no till much later in 2012 with the Wii U.

  3. Back in 82-83 I played the old arcade games Mach 3 and Dragons Lair. Those games had laser disks…super sci fi back then

    1. I think Mark hole from ladbaby would’ve loved to had that after leaving his kid toy behind and his wife made him to go back and get it

  4. And yet all the children born in the 2000’s called these tech “Stone Age”. But to us baby boomer, gen X and Y, it was the tech of the future…. before apple

    1. Apple was there back in 1989 making BS gimmicks like the 1993 Macintosh Television and 1994 Apple CD player, 1995 pip pin, 1996 20th century TAM and their first ever laptop which was from 1989.

    1. @Pye Ltd. The tech existed in the 90s but there was no practical implementation of HD until the 2000s. Just like how you can get an 8K TV now, but there’s very little or nothing you can run at 8k.

    1. Here in Germany Ppl of East before the wall fell in 1989 Nov.

      1989: in the future lucky West Germans will have all these technology

      2021: I just want my wall and shitty technology back

  5. I remember my dad tellin me when i was a lil kid, that cd’s/dvd’s were gunna take over vhs… i thought he was crazy….

  6. Advancements in technology decreasing in interaction. Sad times with awesome gadgets. Kind wished we still in the 90’s

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