$19M PNP Debt May Have Delayed Senate Appointment

$19M PNP Debt May Have Delayed Senate Appointment 1


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28 Comments on "$19M PNP Debt May Have Delayed Senate Appointment"

  1. Hi Giovani, always a pleasure to see you.

  2. I don’t like her

  3. Am glad the vaccine is here

    • Them never said if reach,

    • @Kxng Drè can’t you do your own research and you would understand that the United States has no registered tested vaccine up to this day. The vaccine I heard the jamaican government referring to that it is stored at minus 20 degrees I never had of it. I heard of the pfizer vaccine that needs to be kept at minus 60 to 70 degrees and they don’t even know if the vaccine can stop the spreading of the Corona virus infection.

    • @G -smith where is the vaccine coming from and what is the name of the vaccine?

    • @P Smith where it come from

    • @G -smith what are you asking me?

  4. A so him say

  5. Kmt

  6. I guess trump actually smarter than him look I can bet mi pay fi di next 10 year say 1 a fi him company a benefit

    • Enevra Majestikah | December 4, 2020 at 8:05 PM | Reply

      Trump will be facing criminal charges when he leave office in January. Trump is a criminal fraudster, so stop admiring crooks. You need to change your crooked values!

  7. ThatJamaicanOG | December 4, 2020 at 3:45 PM | Reply

    19M huh 🤔 interesting 🤨

  8. What companies made that vaccine that government of jamaica is referring to that needs storage at minus 20 degrees? I hope it’s not the pfizer vaccine that needs to be kept at minus 60 to 70 degrees and the company doesn’t even know if the vaccine can stop the spreading of the Corona virus infection.

  9. No vaccine for me

  10. Oo99oo9o

  11. Minus 20 and 30 is very cold it have to b store properly this is the temperature we start to feel up in the north let mr trump and his family first take the vaccine and scientists

  12. Watching from jamaica earth a run red too much killing in our little island

  13. Yes I agree it has to be safely stored let Pfizer and all the other drug companies take the vaccine first

  14. Bunting please this guy is so corrupt all these lands out in moneymusk that he bought up instead of giving poor people a chance to buy a piece of the land he is something else and mr bunting dont forget mr Clarke death with those soldiers people dont forget things u shouldn’t b on security chairmen or nothing to do with politics u should b ashamed of urself up north Europe Britain USA Canada Germany we r watching

  15. Why is there justices in Jamaica, other than collect a pay check and praise each other, what exactly do they do? For an island as small as jamaica not even the size of New York City with much less people, about 1/8th the amount of people as New York City, yet there’s probably more people in government than the entire United States. A lot of those people in government are a waste and unnecessary!

  16. Lady 👩 you are not speaking the truth about the storage of those vaccine, because you are anticipated. In your speech because you know it is not true, but you are forced to say that by the minister of health. But you know that there is no special building, or refrigerators to stored the vaccines. If you are the medical doctor why Andrew Holness couldn’t appointed you, as the minister of health. More than having this novice as minister of health, who does not know his head from is elbows. That is so stupid, he cannot make decisions on his own. Because he does not know the intricacies about health, he haveto be lectured by one of the medical doctor them. What to tell the public, then he cannot answer a medical question, because he does not know nothing about health.

  17. Only white people, Chinese, Indians and light skin people and government officials will get the vaccine first. Once a lot more poor black and dark skin people dies off, only then will black Jamaicans get the vaccine.

  18. Lucifer Morningstar | December 5, 2020 at 1:41 AM | Reply

    Well if them can find the money fi pay for the vaccine and dem see it work pan white people ova for the population then so be it

  19. Lucifer Morningstar | December 5, 2020 at 1:44 AM | Reply

    Sell dem ago sell dem nets and benches

  20. Suh a dis PNP come to, a $sell Senate Seat, unuh say Andrew breached Constitution when he had Senators signed undated letters but dis a straight corruption

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