1st Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder Commemorated by Many 1

1st Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder Commemorated by Many


George Floyd was murdered by former police officer Derek Chauvin one year ago. The first anniversary of the murder of George Floyd is commemorated by Attorney Benjamin Crump who joins Jonathan Capehart. Mayor of Saint Paul, Minnesota Melvin Carter and Vice President of the Minneapolis City Council Andrea Jenkins also join The Sunday Show on local changes to policing in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area in the wake of George Floyd's death.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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1st Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder Commemorated by Many


    1. @A Bennett same here…the only reason I don’t puke is because I haven’t owned a television in more than a decade…they still make me sick, though…

    2. @Abhishek We need an all black world, pronto. We need the entire planet to look like Africa. How else will we achieve global diversity?

    1. Ol Fentanyl Floyd died on his own doing. Had he not resisted arrest, he would be alive today. Where was his family then, why didn’t they get him help by checking him to a rehab center?

    2. Man when George passed away the best connect I ever had passed away I mean he would hook it up.. good thing I owed him money..

    3. @JOE BIDEN IS AN OLD FART well no duh I wouldn’t want to pay trumps family a dime either

  1. Let us celebrate the life of a man who once held a gun to a pregnant woman whilst his crew robbed her home. What a outstanding human being George Floyd was.

    1. @Rosco Rosco Did Chauvin killed anyone before Floyd? I heard he was abusive, but do you, me, or anyone else know him personally to think that he was a corrupt cop. Was he fired before for being a corrupt cop? If someone from the police force came out said he was, then yeah he deserves to be fired and the police department should be blamed for his abusive behavior. To me, Chauvin wouldn’t have been there if George Floyd complied with the 1st two officers. Chauvin was back up called upon.

    1. @Matt Mangrum Actually the leftist media fueled the fire for the destruction and they still continue to do every day.

    2. @Painkiller Jones Good point, due to some very stupid people that actually are encouraged by the lies of the MSM!

  2. If George was alive today, please list all the positive impacts he’d have in today’s society…. The answer is nil

    1. @Hugh G Rection #1 positive thing Chauvin did:

      Arrested a COVID19 positive career criminal who was ODing on meth and Fentanyl..

    2. @Marcus Aurelius so why did the autopsy examiners say during the trial that drugs isn’t what killed him? They said the drugs in his system is less than the dosage doctors prescribe to patients daily. Why did the autopsy examiners say he died from asphyxiation and lack of oxygen to the brain from having his air cut off? Either way, chauvin got convicted and jailed regardless of how much you whine lol

    3. @pdgeman there is no more justice dude its not gonna work
      The doj was going to arrest chauvin in court if he was found innocent
      He has been condemned guilty with no fair trial

    1. @CB yes. Anyone who robs people at gunpoint and gives people PTSD for the rest of their lives deserve to be six feet under.

  3. Congrats on a YEAR of Sobriety & Also Being an Upstanding Productive Member of Society !!

  4. It’s about time to tell those people to stop resisting arrest. They can’t help it because they have warrant out on them and don’t want to go back to jail.

    1. And then there’s the IQ part…you can’t be expected to follow orders if your cognitive skills are…bellow average, to put it mildly…

    2. this sounds just like the argument a criminal in grand theft auto 5 roleplay would give to an officer as an excuse for leading the police department on a five hour long chase that sees a large amount of city property being destroyed and average citizens getting mowed down by cars or shot at

  5. This is a momentous occasion, George Floyd has now been drug free for a whole year.. way to go buddy

  6. They forgot it was another anniversary the start of the summer of violent riots, you know the ones they conveniently forget about or call peacefully.

  7. That lawyer has made millions he’s loving every bit of it. O yeah and btw congrats George Floyd on 1 year sober

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