1st Jamaican to Receive Covid-19 Vaccine - March 10 2021 1

1st Jamaican to Receive Covid-19 Vaccine – March 10 2021


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    1. The CDC said to prepare for the Zombie apocalypse that’s whats will happen on the turn on that 5g.worse is coming

  1. I will take the vaccine only if I can see myself 10 years down the road with no after effects. Since I am short sighted and can’t even see tomorrow, my answer is NO, with a full stop. Those of you who can see 10 years down the road and see that it’s safe, take it. But right now I can’t see very far and I can’t trust people’s vision.

    1. It’s because you can’t see down the road whether tomorrow, 5 or 10 years from now why you buy life insurance, health insurance, wear a seat belt, service your car, exercise, eat healthy food, take vitamins, etc., etc. So I don’t particularly like the idea of taking a vaccine but if it will give me a chance of surviving Covid-19 in the event that I get it, then it looks like I’ll be taking it. My first and only grandchild is 7 months old and God willing, I will do my part and give myself a fighting chance of sharing much more time with my precious little one.

    2. @PositiVybz2 The truth is that I am very skeptical of the vaccine. To say I don’t trust the whole episode surrounding vaccination is an understatement. But if you have the nerve and confidence to take in your precious body, go full speed ahead and do it quickly. Thank God for freedom of choice, it’s a treasure that we should cherish.

    3. @Orville Robinson Ok Orville. I hear you. And thanks for a very civil response! I wish us all the very best through this pandemic!

  2. Freedom no from the moment Christ go to the cross and die for my sins I was free no man cannot set us free but the savor have mercy Lord

  3. I will keep an eye on those first 3 person …if no obvious side effect in the nxt 5 yrs, then I will consider taking it

    1. @ZaabYAH Yizrael at different times in history women where burnt on stakes to “please the lord” blacks where purified .. races eradicated .. land stolen wives first taken by others .. “to please the lord’ … More deaths than any virus put together to please the lord .. I am God fearing but not a hypocrite to self .. so ye without sin ..do not call upon the Lord in vain ..

    2. “have no fear of dem atomic energy because none can’t stop the time” … My people and strong and riseliant not because of right of birth but due to how we have survived .. genetics don’t start in a tube but evaluation.. hence it is easy to say I see not how this can harm me in the greater scheme .. some say unsafe .. in comparison to the carbons we breath daily … Some say it’s to eradicate .. a bottle of cholera in our water supply cheaper .. some say lessen birth rate .. so children having children is fine ..some say something just not right .. something is never right but before yu take in the world start fixing the crime, injustice, prejudice and God know how much other nastiness we walk pass daily in our homes our yards our avenues our community our area our parishes ..

    3. @Damian Smith you made your choice. Your words are appropriate for the choice you made. Demon smith.

    4. @Ras Enigmatik kan brother. I’m dun with social media. I don’t think we should be ON here any more. This is the time to totally separate!

    1. What are you worried about? You don’t have to take it. I am thinking that you are one of those don’t care persons that think that wearing a mask is the massas trying to enslave us once again. Hopefully, you will never have to experience this, but when you can walk through a ICU unit, check on the temperature of a morgue in the hospital and pass the body bags piled up because we have no more space to refrigerate. That is part of my job as a medical professional. Ignorance it appears is alive and well.

  4. The government minister are the first persons that should be taking the vaccine, not the citizens

    1. Bs, they said politicians then public servants and what not. They should be setting an example. Cause I will not be a lab rat for anyone.

  5. They show the first two ladies getting shots but not the former priminters all lies in broad day light

    1. Just don’t take it and when you are ill just stay home. It can’t be any easier than that.

  6. These are the people we call leaders! I hope well thinking Jamaicans paying attention to their lying lips!

  7. Isaiah 31:1
    “Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD!”

  8. We talking about covid patients .but still don’t hear anything serious about the poor after covid gone

  9. Dem soon seh you afto take the vaccine to get Visa…my traveling halt thank God mi experience flying already

  10. What kind of fool fool person took the vaccine. Go and let them inject nastiness in your body. Medical staff are refusing to take the vaccine so why should anyone else.

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