2 Arrested for Gun Find | Cops on the Hunt for Wanted Men | TVJ Midday News – Mar 1 2022

2 Arrested for Gun Find | Cops on the Hunt for Wanted Men | TVJ Midday News - Mar 1 2022 1


    1. What if they are xrayed but those who are in charge are in on the corruption??
      The government of Jamaica need to put laws in place to audit every public sector workers, follow the money if you want to catch the culprit

  1. I think them need to put better measures in place so shipping come hold accountable if they can say who ships the item. And they should let only people with green cards or citizenship send stuff. So u provide information that if something found u will be easily find and arrested and loose every thing

  2. So family members who have green or citizenship will will ship things with care so of yuh nuh straight u cant ship so people who straight will protect them self

  3. This our problem…the Government says there is no guarantee…for the students.. NO GUARANTEE.. as usual..

    1. Nothing in life is guaranteed..they have been given an opportunity to be alive and return safely to their homes…it’s on UWI not the govt to give them opportunities to advance their studies..

    2. @Ragga Guru Stop your Crap if our PM get involved UWI will take the students..so stop it and think out of the box ….if you want to be dramatic death in life is GUARANTEED..

  4. Good Job, by the security forces and the persons who ship these items needs to be hold accountable also, they can find them easily because they might even paid the shipping fees with a credit card too that’s even easier to crack the case. Congratulations πŸŽˆπŸΎπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ again to the security team.

  5. Water comission a tief. Government no business with poor people. J P S. A the same thing tief. Government a tief to.

  6. Thank you for bringing home our ppl, let’s hope now that they didn’t escape the war only to be killed by those merciless gunmen roaming the country at will.

  7. Every tourist area have water why can’t our people get water even when they are paying their bills …

  8. Look for some how I can’t believe that a war is going on this look too clam but am just going yo drink water and mine my business mmm 6 days they are waiting smh something just not adfingbup to me but uno carry on

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