1. It’s sad to see Jamaica in such state..
    Every Jamaican hates gunmen and criminals, except if it’s their favorite Artists/Entertainer, promoter or favorite family members…kmt
    Gunmen and criminals are infamous, yet the residence keep quiet

  2. We who are not living in jamaica now honestly we are afraid coming home. We nice country island mash up. The crime n violence makes a lot of retirees would love to come home and people could get employ but all because of these killers n thieves they are afraid n change their minds

    1. Stay where you are safe, it would be nice to come and invest in a home or businesses but it doesn’t worth risking your life

    2. @Arlene James Yes me sister I’m doing that . Is alot of people were planning of going back home n change their mind n go buy house a Florida n Georgia

    3. I will be buying in florida.. when I retire in New York, I’ll be heading down south.. I don’t want to live somewhere where I’ll feel fearful.. that someone might even kill me just for my phone.. like seriously it’s not worth it.. I want to enjoy my retirement If Gods willing.

  3. How comes the prime minister and the rest of the politicians. JLP and Pnp are not marching in the streets of Jamaica and demanded peace ✌️ for our brothers and sisters 👯‍♀️, is it because they careless about poor Jamaican citizens?..

  4. What is happening in Jamaica ?bring back God Almighty in our community into our homes ..Jamaican let’s turn back to Jesus Christ.Mothers ps pray for our children ,Stop and listen to the voice of God Almighty he is pleading to us to seek his face, the world is out of control, Jamaica is out of hands , you all think is only the prime minister have the answer to what is going on? well think again ,we all as citizen of this great nation have our part to pay in the welfare of of our lives and the lives of other…if ever a time we need the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives ,surely we need him now… Jamaica Jamaica ,Jamaica. this is not a JLP PNP thing, this is our thing..let it all Begin with us…

  5. It’s sad it’s not a good feeling my nephew Ryan Cunningham who was living at boboohills also died from multiple gunshot by gunmen we still mourned . It didn’t even came on the news we felt the pain

  6. Parents yell your children to stay away from people who does wrong thing parents tell your girls to be serious of their life dont put yourself in danger for anything b ambitious

  7. These gang members usually be killing each other.. idk what to say mother.. sorry but you can’t swear for these kids most of the time.

  8. Jamaica is the same sweet land we love but we the people of Jamaica is to be blem we know that our children brother uncle cuz and friends are responsible for the crime in our country and we don’t want to talk

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