2 Dead After Gun Battle with Police in Kingston, Jamaica | TVJ News - May 10 2021 1

2 Dead After Gun Battle with Police in Kingston, Jamaica | TVJ News – May 10 2021


Chaos on one of the capital's busiest streets close to midday, as police and gunmen engaged in a gunfight with two men dead.

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    1. Business in Jamaica is a deadly extortion game that police cant stop . Its best to save your money and avoid any business in Jamaica or you have to be prepare to have non working individuals on your payroll.

  1. Boi them haffi pack up da place deh it salt bredda. 3 family member dead one place?! Me wouldn’t even look back that side.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking too …. And that brother that come talk better know him lock shop and don’t bother go take over as them know his face now.

    2. For real. We have to know when to walk away. Lock shop and sell the damn crosses place. Smh. From you put up a stall gunman a extort let alone building.

    3. The place is not salt. The criminals need to be killed. Government knows of this all over the island then act surprised when they hear what decent law abiding citizens are going through to make an honest bread.

  2. As a Jamaican hear me out. There are places worse than our little island, but at this moment in time apart from Mexico and Venezuela I cannot think of any. This daily bloodletting has reached biblical proportions. Sad to say, but Jamaica has sunk to deaths from which I doubt it’s going to return in my lifetime. Jah live

    1. please to keep faith don’t give up,God is working so we’ve got,to stay prayed up!!to stop these hoodlums.from destroying our beautiful Island Jamaica.

    2. @Mandark Astronomonov But those countries are big in comparison to tiny . So the crime level in Jamaica is shocking for its size.

  3. I want to hear what their families have to say now, about how dem a good youth good work police

    1. The kerosene oils association don’t come out crying how police killed off there criminals sons yet?

  4. I just wonder what happened to them why they are the way they are today. They woke up and decided to go rob and kill. They engaged the police in a shoot out … then they eventually die. We (parents, teachers, communities, leaders) definitely have to focus on taking care of our mental health and that of our children. Sigh.

    1. “We (parents, teachers, communities, leaders) definitely have to focus on taking care of our mental health and that of our children.”

      I think you are barking up the wrong tree here.
      The real problem has been the years of cynical exploitations and deliberate neglect by various politicians and political parties who have used the ignorance of uneducated people to engineer a solid base of support from ignorance, financial and economic dependence and peoples natural aptitude to be tribal.

      There is no praying for anybody, there is no mental health problem here and we most certainly are NOT going to change the criminal mindset of the present generation nor indeed much of the next. There is no changing the mind of the ghetto girl who sees hair and nails as the ultimate achievement. There is no changing the mindset of a male who grew up salivating at the sight of Dr Dre throwing up gang signs beside six Maybachs while wearing 5 million dollars worth of jewelry and who feels that drugs , guns and robbing people is a viable option because only “eediat wuk fi dem teefin chinny man deh”

      This issue can only be tackled by lifting the entire country out of poverty, educating the young ones NOW and providing a PERCIEVED and obvious path to good economic conditions.

      Oh, and enforcing the LAW of the country and stop giving everyone who transgresses the law a freaking bligh.

    2. I agree. There’s something fundamentally wrong with how our people are being raised in Jamaica for such hardened ruthless killers to be produced.

  5. My condolences to the family of the business man killed, good job to the brave law men who took down these criminals , may the one that escaped be found and justice for the family of the bar owner
    I pray the government will build a penal colony and deport all the undesirables
    their , to live with out constitutional protection .

  6. Some of the parents have to be blamed cause we dont teach our children no form of Godliness,no sabbath or Sunday school,no praying before and after bed

    1. Do you know how much pastor man son in jail,do you really thing likkle sunday school and sabbath ago do nothing,the men want money not god,riches not faith,and dosen’t every child pray before and after bed,some of these men already done all thing godly things

  7. I’m happy none of the motorists caught up in this shoot out did not get injured or killed.

    1. Yes they all did get caught up, even the ppl on foot going about their business as you can see is not just the gun men and the police alone on a lonley road it was busy as hell just like any other else day. Is just God work it out none was injured.

  8. I surely don’t want to come to Jamaica with my Jamerican daughter and my two grandchildren and get caught up in something like this ON A VACATION. This is so brazen and sad for the people living there. How traumatic, yet some people respond as if it is normal.

  9. The man being led away didn’t seem to have any life-threatening injury. He was walking quite heartily

    1. @gogo chee No he got unconscious in the road just when they were about to put him in the police pick up vehicle. He died in the road. He had bullets in him.

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