2 Dead in Motor Vehicle Crash in St. Elizabeth | TVJ News – Mar 13 2022

2 Dead in Motor Vehicle Crash in St. Elizabeth | TVJ News - Mar 13 2022 1


  1. You’re not even safe in your own yard /house. People must use their sense of wisdom to slow down when negotiating a corner, even if you don’t know the area well, view the road well ahead

  2. Poor and dangerous driving has been a problem for years in Jamaica. If you don’t know the road then drive safe

    1. That is true but that stretch of road really need some signs. The corners are plenty and very sharp and deep. Even experienced drivers will find it challenging. Am not disputing that this driver was going too fast for his experience but the signs are needed

  3. Sad, just Saturday l was giving my daughter safety tips in defensive driving in case a motorist vehicle get Out of control or someone bad drive her

  4. Nothing need to done about the road … the road have been their along time may people drive their only those who choose to be reckless face consequences…… probably showing off for the female in the car

  5. My goodness why can’t the drivers lessen their speed everyone in a big hurry if ur late speeding won’t help give yourself enough time to get where you’re going

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