2 maps that tell the story of Covid-19 in America 1

2 maps that tell the story of Covid-19 in America

A map of the 2020 election results and a map of fully vaccinated areas paint a strikingly similar picture of today’s political landscape — and (surprise, surprise… ) it was largely driven by former President Donald Trump. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza tries to explains why these two maps are so similar.


Tracking Covid-19 vaccines in the US

Presidential Results

Trump urges Americans to get Covid-19 vaccine: 'I would recommend it'

Tracking Covid-19’s global spread

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Moira Donohue
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Steven Sevilla/Michelle Cho

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    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN and they came back with zero charges against Trump with all his documents just proves Trump isn’t a criminal you watch Rachael Maddow hahahhaha Russian collision how did that work out o there wasn’t any oooo Michael Avenatti only news source that called that guy correctly was fox news Tucker Carlson was right you should go back and watch all that coverage all the news is discredited after that hahahaha

    2. @SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN why are you so scared for Trump to run is because he could win your just like Putin

    3. It’s a wedge issue…. they are using it as a distraction.
      Just like racism, abortion, religion and so forth. These are issues that will never be agreed upon across the board.


  1. I’d like for you to show a map of education. It might be the same map.. as elections, the Covid vaccinations and Fox News ratings.

    1. @Andrew James Henderson I have trouble understanding why Trump supporters who are mostly evangelical Christians can support a man who breaks almost every commandment that God has given us in the Bible. He constantly lies, he is an admitted adulterer, he has stolen from his country by not paying his fair share of taxes, ect. The Bible tells us that liers, and adulterers and thieves will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, so they are following a man destined for hell, and he will take as many people there with him as possible.

    2. @Ara9gorn999 White Supremacy is very common among Evangelicals. They truly believe that they are superior to others and that they’ve been chosen to rule over all others. Such tremendous B.S.!!!

    3. @Chris 159 it has come out that doctors have given patients Saline shots because they dont trust it.

    4. @Chris 159 you can actually read about gates talking about population control. He also held a conference or something a few years back that basically outlined what would happen if there was a world wide pandemic and go figure right around the time he said there would be one there was. But who takes that seriously

    1. @Noily Pratt, I don’t need to be a biologist to answer that question, but I need to care enough about the answer to go and ask a biologist, in order to know the answer. Due to caring a lot more about covid than the answer to your question, I spoke with my doctor on an almost weekly basis, I spoke with my cardiologist every couple of months and took their advice, given that they’re educated qualified people and understand the subject…so again, presuming you’re not a biologist either, what answer did you get when you asked an expert in the subject?

    2. @RealityCheck 2010 Trust issues? Hahahaha man you people couldn’t be more worthless. Please please let this vaccine do what I think it will. PLEASE!!!

    3. @RiseAgainstDisciple, no the funny thing is, I can back up my numbers with facts and statistics, whereas you just made up a number so ridiculous, it’s obviously bs….

    4. @RealityCheck 2010
      The answer is “no.”

      It’s astounding that I have to reveal this great mystery to you.

  2. I think a similar set of maps, broken down by congressional districts and precincts would be even more interesting. I’ve looked at covid vaccination/infection rates and voting patterns in Colorado’s 3d district. The relationship is striking.

    1. Blacks have the lowest vaccination rate than any other group in the US. I wonder how they would look on the map?

    2. You should also look at covid deaths. It’s reverse and just as striking.
      What do you think Democrats are doing wrong?

  3. -soda- -pop- It’s a coke (lower case “c”). Example: “Hey, get me a coke”, “Okay, what kind? Pepsi? Squirt? Coke?”

    1. @Jennifer Hensley I live in TN, always have, I’ve never known anyone to drink coke, but they drink Mountain Dew. This is why they don’t have front teeth, from sipping on the green bottle. The caffeine is a good mix with the Sudafed, and meth.

    2. @Peter Sedesse kinda like PA called every Trump ballot a biden ballot even know it was Trump ballot

  4. I work for a guy who is extremely anti-vaxx and his social media is just absolutely loaded with disinformation. He always wants to talk politics on the job and there have been at least half a dozen times when I’ve Googled his claims in front of him to show him that he’s been lied to. He doesn’t seem to care that his “sources” are lying to him as long as they support his world view.

    1. @Stephen Brand lolwut? chinese government is litearlly telling everyone to lock down. You’re just manufacturing weird conspiracy theories now. China’s government literally nailed people into their homes and killed people doing it. They want to save face, so they’re pushing other countries into doing the same thing. LOL

      Whatever dude, believe whatever you want. Just stay away from me. We need to divide America up. We need to let the socialists enslave eachother on one side, and then the rest of us can be free on the other side.

    2. @Terminal Insanity State sponsored vaccine skepticism is a very real thing which is why Russia and China are BOTH using troll armies to attack the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Those are the best vaccines available right now and they’re the main reason we’ve made so much progress against covid. Anti-vaxxers are getting their “information” from authoritarian regimes that want to keeping Americans sick and struggling. Here’s a good article about it:

    3. @Terminal Insanity
      Why? Would it cure your insanity?
      Would it change your mind? No.
      Note, that I have tons of experience talking to people like you (I have also been a Conservative all my life, so I don’t care about your jabs towards the CNN/MSN).
      The main reason that nothing will change your mind about Trump is because you are just as delusional as Trump is. As for the rest of the sane people — liberals, conservatives, etc — who Trump is is plainly obvious — he is a self-worshipping malignant narcissist.
      He isn’t a Conservative, his only Republican trait is his love of money and blonds.
      Needles to say that he knows absolutely nothing about being a Christian. And if you were a Conservative/Republican/Christian, you would easily recognize that Trump is an imposter, who took over the Republican Party (Culminating the take over, the Republican Party was morally bankrupt and rotting for many years).
      In other words, you are just as much of a moral fraud as Trump is, feigning your humanity, pretending to be a Conservative, paying a lip service to Christianity.
      As far as for the proofs — they have been there all along in plain sight, visible on daily basis, hundreds of them.
      When someone demands to be shown a proof that the sky is blue, you don’t oblige then, you step away and keep your distance!

    1. As a Canadian, I’d probably say, how much pop or how many bottles/cans of pop. The “s” sounds off. Maybe this differs in the States though.

    1. @Bluesjet1234 If you believe in an imaginary sky daddy, and that flying a piece of colored cloth makes you American, you’ve got much bigger problems.

    2. @Bluesjet1234 I find it comical that individuals that are born into this country dislikes it so bad. But you have people trying to cross deserts & make it to the country of opportunities even in some instances losing their life. I can say this a lot of this anti America have never travel or been to a third world country & don’t have a clue about a government being able to throw you in prison & lock you up for your political views. I also find it amazing that foreigners are very prideful of the flag & what it stands for. I can say we live among a society that wants to blame this country for their personal failures & we live among spoil brats.

    3. @Nando FACTS it’s funny to that when people said if trump won that they would move to a different country but their still here

    1. I agree with that. I feel you got to be really stupid to believe in anything that lying old man had to said.

    1. @Dan Chick then don’t get vazxxed. Vi kinda hope you don’t because one of to things will happen. Either you’ll get it and suffer the consequences of your stupidity or you’ll be one of the lucky ones that don’t snd you’ll be in an even smaller minority than you currently are today. Either way. I see it as a BIG win for me.

    2. @Daniel Hostetler And you can stay hidden under your bed, afraid of every little thing. Then no one will have to listen to your idiotic opinions. And I call that a BIG win for everyone.

    3. @Daniel Hostetler Damn it, hang on a sec…. You’re cowering under your bed right now, and yet I DO see your idiotic opinion…. Damn you social media!!! Damn you to hell!

    4. @Dan Chick who’s cowering? I’m certainly not… maybe that’s what you should be doing but like I said, please dont…I want you to avoid the vaccine…do me that huge favor.

    5. @Daniel Hostetler I will avoid the vaccine. I have literally ignored every covid guideline since day 1. And will continue to do so.

    1. Stupidity is definitely more deadly than C19, considering C19 only kills 0.02% of those infected lol.

    1. @Ronald Drumpf
      the fatality rate isn’t even close to 1.8%

      also, antivaxxers skew more democrat than republican

    2. @Michaelangelo Evans
      CBS Poll June 8-10, 2021:
      Will not get vaccinated
      Dem 5%
      Ind 21%
      Rep 29%

      100 * 607,156 / 33,853,948
      = 1.79

    3. @Ronald Drumpf
      I was talking about anti-vaxxers not people who will not get the covid-19 vaccine. there is a difference.

    4. You do realize it will infect and kill YOU, right? Don’t act so “superior.” These are the FINAL DAYS of this country. It’s over. We’ll see a million deaths by October. The second million by April.

    5. @Third Star I’m fully vaccinated, what are you talking about? Lol. In my age category with 2 Moderna doses, it provides a 95% effectiveness in dealing with any Covid symptoms if I do get it. It’s the unvaccinated that are filling up ICU’s and having the severe reactions.

    1. @John Sozio have you ever tried actually debating a GOP? They jump from conspiracy to conspiracy as you systematically prove each point false. Every response becomes “Oh yeah but what about _____”. It requires a short attention span and lots of anger.

    2. @zenoist2 Her hair was cut in as fine a method as I have ever seen. A small tear formed in the corner of my eye when I witnessed the beautiful haircut. It was breathtaking.

    3. @Musket Merve You should write novels or poetry. That was actually pretty good for giving an unusual perspective. Do you have any more examples? Is it from somebody else?

    1. Only 400,000 dumpubilcans will die because of this.

      All you Democrats
      GO VOTE

      Fatality rate: 1.8%
      Anti-vaxxers: 30%
      Republican voters: 74 million

      74 million times 0.3 times 0.018 equals 400,000

    2. Nah were not dying. CNN isn’t being very honest. In fact conservatives are just fine. We had a fantastic family reunion on the 4th. Here’s the kicker. Noones sick

    3. @Ronald Drumpf got a small idea. I imagine you’re an expert and you’re gonna school my small republican mind. Have at it.

  5. I’m out of energy to care about them really. If they want to thin their own numbers, then let them

    1. @GreatWhiteBuckwheat gov is announcing attempts to censor text messages on subjects like deneying “health” narratives and election (as loosely defined in the terrorism bill) but no just telling you what apartments are seeing. In fact talking about the money situation or isreal is what I am always censored and banned on.

    2. @R N that’s not how viruses and immunity works. you don’t magically get immunity if you aren’t infected. not everyone were asymptomatic carriers, and not everyone got infected.

      if we had a polio outbreak right here and now, people who were never sick don’t magically get immunity after three months, but we’d have an ever-increasing amount of people walking about crippled instead- those crippled people would have immunity.

      …here’s the thing with covid, though. for many, yes, it was asymptomatic. for others, within 3 months, they relapsed, meaning they *didn’t* have immunity despite already having the disease once. for still others, it affected their lungs, but not everyone is going to make a fuss about “well, it’s a little harder to breathe now”.

      there were 334 million covid vaccinations given in the US (in combination of single and double dose shots). a mere 6,079 died from the vaccination. that’s about 0.0018% of everyone vaccinated. that’s pretty damn impressive for a vaccine that got so fast tracked, the global populace was the guinea pigs for it.

    3. @Shawn O’Connor well, the republicans stress guns, alcohol, tobacco, and mcdonald’s, and stress how healthy diets like adding more vegetables to your diet makes you effeminate, so you’re not exactly one to talk about good health and exercise.

    4. There are 4 other corona viruses. The only difference is a new protein. Almost nobody had heard of them before this.

      That invermin seems promising. mexico is sueing WHO/WEF for deneying alternatives. If you can bind up the ACE2 then the espiratory impact is gone and your antibodies can identify it. The shot supposedly gives antibodies the identifier in pertaining. Google says 1 in 6 will notice the virus but I think it is less than that. We should have had parties like chickenpox and then all take 2 weeks off.

    5. @Lycos by the way the variant (as reproduced and misreproduced) by people are a small fraction of 1% different and so far delta seems the dominant. It only technically exists.

  6. Is this guy really surprised that liberal states have higher vaccination rates?! And he’s telling us to head to the hospital.. dude needs some common sense apparently

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