2 Men Murdered at Anti Violence Seminar | TVJ News - Nov 16 2021 1

2 Men Murdered at Anti Violence Seminar | TVJ News – Nov 16 2021


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  1. We all need fi start be informer in Jamaica . police alone can’t help we need fi start giving police information

    1. @JOE GRIND You are behaving unintelligent please look at the question you’re asking me. I’m not putting my life at risk to prove any point openly that’s how much distrust I have in the system so please move on and find someone else to put their lives at risk or rather put your own life at risk.

    2. @JOE GRIND How am I instilling fear in people when this is a known fact. The fear factor is there without my input so once more be a hero and save a life I’ll do the same when I can.

    3. @JOE GRIND how am I instilling fear with facts??? Do you think I come on here with an opinion jus to post a comment? Do you not know what is going on in your country regarding corruption? I won’t enlighten you, some of these things you have to experience for yourself to believe and understand

    4. @Keats Samson well said. Pure excuse dem have. Dats why they stick to one mp for years too. Lazy and full of excuse to tell the brutes to Tek whe dem selves and they the people choose someone who they want to be the MP.

    5. @Renardo Palmer don’t worry about criminal beating the case. Call the damn police and tell them where the shottas hide his guns and bullets and stolen items. Play your part!

  2. Big Nose Andrew Holness said he,and the police is doing a good job, Big Nose Holness is a moron, he must go, so Jamaica can get back its safety.

    1. @T it used to be safe. I was born and raised there. It’s sad but like other places in the world things have changed for the worse. Does not make it acceptable.

  3. A training Center where students are there to progress their lives !,yes police chief it’s not all that lose their lives at the hands of these cold hearted individuals are involved in anything , just some people to earn their street stripes they will take out innocent ones , they don’t seem to care , I hope the law find them and care zero to For to long this way of life must be changed , the little children coming what future is there ? What environment will they continue to be exposed to and what adults will they become jah

  4. U people a blame the mp blame u self U PEOPLE know the gun man them if little food and hair style u all sleep them have baby,,PEOPLE FIGHT THE GUN BOY THEM GIVE THEM UP TO THE POLICE

  5. When a person can give information about a crime and don’t have to worry about being killed by the criminal then we will see a change…too much corruption .. that’s the first thing to attack in the fight against crime

  6. have to take bad thing mek joke. But this is blatantly obvious.
    Chattings nuh work pon serious criminals.
    Unuh ago dead learning dis di hard way.
    But, nuh stop listen to rights groups and other criminal sympathisers bout how fi deal with the criminals. Come 2030 and beyond, over 100,000 would have been murdered and the chatter boxes bank accounts would have gotten fatter via donations from shady organisations.
    Unu Jamaicans tan deh deh!

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