2 Nursing Homes Ordered Closed | Some Schools to Reopen for Classes – October 29 2020

2 Nursing Homes Ordered Closed | Some Schools to Reopen for Classes - October 29 2020 1


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39 Comments on "2 Nursing Homes Ordered Closed | Some Schools to Reopen for Classes – October 29 2020"

  1. You are so ev6the lady die from any virus lies there test are lying!

  2. Are my eyes deceiving me…is that man taking temperature from the people dem hand?! Someone please help me here coz this is new to me.

  3. I can’t believe Jamaican are making this deception destroy them
    Why because the Church are blind to what is happening
    Arise God people !
    No one die from it !

    • Odette Morgan there is infact a deception going on for i still have not known anyone who has it. But let us through the Lord’s strength and courage tell persons not just about what is happening in the world but also about what Yeshua did for us, His grace and that by only trusting in Him, shall we be saved.

    • Granville Dyer | October 29, 2020 at 5:04 PM | Reply

      @Valerie Henry well….here in UK I know at least personally 9 people who have died. A midwife and 2 nurses at the hospital I work. Also a physiotherapy receptionist. My wife’s uncle who had renal problems died and 4 church members from my Aunts church body who attended convention. Just because it hasn’t affected you does not mean it isn’t real. In April, my wife was ill. She still has after effects of the virus. She also works at the same hospital as myself and the midwife, the receptionist and the 2 nurses. The hospital is a well known leading teaching hospital in London. I have personally witnessed patients dying in A&E and in Intensive care Unit. Over 2 nights some months ago there were 39 bodies waiting to be dealt with in the hospital morgue from covid 19…Think about that…39 dead people over 2 nights!!! My wife’s symptoms were, cough, chills, vertigo, loss of smell and taste and she ended up in the emergency unit. Thank God she did not end up on a ventilator. As Christians we need to be mindful and use wisdom. Wear your masks. Wash your hands, observe social distancing and stop being ignorant. Most important pray you or your love ones don’t get it.

    • The Jamaican government is apart of the new world order. Point blank and period.

    • @Granville Dyer u too lie

    • @Granville Dyer I truly empathize with you and it is indeed tragic that you have seen persons dying because of this crisis. But lets be rational and use discretion for we know that wisdom comes from the Lord. Now the Uk has a population of 66,650,000 and only 45,955 has died which the percentage is 0.069%. Do you think that because of these figures we should implement strict policies. And 2: It is said that the virus has similar signs/symtoms of the flu, Why are the best prevention methods social distancing, sanitizing/washing of hands and wearing masks. What about getting ample rest, eating fruits, exercising and drinking lots of water. 3 Should we be rushing to create a vaccine for a virus that has not even killed 1% of the worlds population. Please i recommend reading this article by CNN antibody testing wrong up to half the time says the CDC and novel corona virus your questions answered. And research Dr Scott Jensen and a comment he made. Let us not let the fear potrayed by the media control us or those who have died leave us dismayed. For it is written Be still and know that I AM God. We should all put our trust in our Saviour Yeshua. I hope and pray that your wife is doing well. It is all in the hands of our Lord

  4. Simone Mcpherson | October 29, 2020 at 4:49 PM | Reply

    Right hand and forehead are the places where the chip will be implanted dont be fooled that is why they show u what the future holds after temp check…dont be fooled

  5. Shermaine Grant | October 29, 2020 at 4:58 PM | Reply

    the children them must go a school an bring home the covi

  6. If schools reopen then everywhere in jamaica can open up and free up.

  7. All I can say is this .a jus money them a think about my kids come first and I will not send them to get this virus Jamaica don’t even have money to help us but they want to tell us it’s ok to go back to school smfh that’s why I don’t vote because I don’t see who to vote for

  8. Nekeisha Thomas | October 29, 2020 at 6:09 PM | Reply

    When Covid-19 just come to Jamaica them close school.. now it is running all over the place you want the kids them to go to school?? Are you mad 😡 look I don’t have anywhere in my house to keep anyone if them catch it so you know what. my kids NOT! Going to school.

  9. Althea Syewart | October 29, 2020 at 6:23 PM | Reply

    No chip for i..or youth..

  10. Please provide masks for all students on a daily basis as a mask can be continued and shouldn’t be used on to much occasion

  11. There are some other bad weather coming up in November so please don’t do any estimate ye Mr Shaw just send in as emergency estimate for no so yu don’t look like a fool okboss we need to talk about my wall at my property below summer set falls in Portland that the north high way meat up and left a paper to build a wall and they packed up and moved away without building my wall I got a stroke it the time and was away in the USA where I was Hospitalized for sometime,eventurally god carried me through and I am greatly thankful I see that you are working too hard or something at the moment so please take it easy yu have done a wonderful job during your tenure yaaa my family always pray for you over the years on the job so Keep the faith and hold on to your victory yu were made specifically for your time

  12. If you go to the black river hospital with a common cold you’re likely to die.

  13. Poor work over the years.. need a change

  14. Why you and your kids don’t go to school Why you and your kids don’t go to school

  15. Now a days any old people weh dead dem seh a covid kill dem, nuh baddy naw dead from nutn else nuh more, mean while the murder rate is over 1400 and the government naw talk bout dat, dem rad dah talk bout supn weh so call kill some people in dem 90s. Is wah kind a government really deh jamaica?

  16. Catherine Reid | October 29, 2020 at 8:58 PM | Reply

    If yu go close one place why yu go open another

  17. Catherine Davis | October 29, 2020 at 8:59 PM | Reply

    Yes face to face will work out as long as they had on there mask

  18. Kingsley Maxwell | October 29, 2020 at 9:29 PM | Reply

    U must sick

  19. I am not in support of the resumption of schools, considering the fact that it will be mandatory to wear mask throughout the classes! Hell no, my child will not wear mask from early morning to 3:00pm at school!

    It is both uncomfortable and unhealthy to inhale carbon dioxide for prolonged hours, which is toxic for 8 long hours with nose and mouth covered simultaneously, this is torture! The deprivation of oxygen will not be allowed for that matter!

    Human beings ought to inhale oxygen from the atmosphere the Almighty provide us with. Carbon dioxide is poison from the food we eat that should not be inhaled especially for long hours, as it could possibly lead to hypoxia followed by hypercapnia.

    Parents please bear in mind that the motive behind this could possibly be to introduce cult Bill Gates hazardous vaccine as compulsory for our children to attend school. Listen to hear exponential increase subsequent to the reopening of school!

    I heard that the election was funded by Gates for much money in exchange for the vaccine, as a result, my eyes are wide open to everything from now on in relation to vaccination. I don’t trust no vaccine, since I am unable to personally substantiate who it is from and its content, because they won’t tell us the truth who it’s from, and the adverse effects concerning our children, once they are not giving it to their kids, it’s fine with them.

    The last vaccine from Bill Gates paralyzed and killed many Africans and Indians children, which is why they rejected his vaccine. I don’t see our Prime Minister publicly reject any vaccine!

  20. The

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