2 Prison Warders Arrested | TVJ News – May 6 2021

2 Prison Warders Arrested | TVJ News - May 6 2021 1


  1. Long time it a gwan that is why prisoner can send our it and not realizing that they are setting up their co workers

  2. This is a historic tradition/corruption WORLDWIDE in prisons. Job well done 👏 (guessing someone got cut out and they squealed) 🤷‍♀️

  3. The poor warders been arrested what about the politician that is commit all the iligal activities and walk free life is unfair

  4. Excellent work. Most exciting part of this is the fines are being tabled for more serve fines along with prison time. It’s about time leaders and lawmakers start revisiting those ridiculous fines and prison time and introduce harsher penalties.

  5. Hats off to Mr. Samuda,this should happen long time ago. There are MANY MANY More in the System to GET RID OF. The Move that I hope to happened is putting all PRISONER’S IN ORANGE UNIFORM AS SOON AS THE ENTER THE PENAL SYSTEM, NO MORE STREET CLOTHES IN PRISON.

  6. The same thing is going on at our ports workers know that the guns are coming in, and turn a blind eye for a few dollars

  7. When law to change to benefits the people it take forever, but when it’s to benefits the government it takes 2to 3 months mix.

  8. Common assault and not just here in Jamaica it’s a worldwide issues.

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