1. Mom to 5 year old “tell Police brother shot dad and I will give you ice cream after he leaves”.

  2. “Both Ayala and Mabry had been on probation for child neglect and narcotics possession.”

    I’m thinking that this is the best thing that happened to the children for their future.

    1. Get them born (5, 2 and 5 months) and then give them a life of MISERY with the parents and then a life of MISERY with some hideous foster parents. Good luck kids.

  3. When I was young it seemed that firearm triggers where not very easy to pull. Even when I was eight and given some basic firearm safety instruction. (Basically don’t go near it without adult supervision) This is of course a very sad story)

    1. Totally agree and what about the safety?
      You and I grew up with guns were taught to respect them and people’s lives in general.
      I think some of the problem comes from the video games people are playing lots of violence, killing with guns. Toy guns and real guns don’t look much different from one another.
      This shooting had a lot more problems then stated in the video when you read what it was all about. Bad situation overall drugs, abuse and typical criminal behavior.
      New gun laws will not stop this type of situation.

    2. @gameofjax The violence is not caused by video games. If video games are the cause, why doesn’t the UK or Germany have as many gun deaths as the US? They have video games.
      As for your other point of new gun laws don’t work, why does Switzerland, a country with many guns, but also gun control not have a mass shooting in years, while the US has hundreds per year?

    3. I’ve witnessed 4 year olds having trouble squeezing water guns. The time it would take them to figure out how to squeeze it with 3 fingers, is enough to knock it out of their hands. Sounds like a narc mom is lying on the 2 year old, & the officers should start by saying “it is alleged that the two year old shot the father.”

    1. no one in the house legally owned the gun.
      Both Ayala and Mabry had been on probation for child neglect and narcotics possession. Mina said under Florida law, convicted felons are not allowed to own a firearm.

  4. Telling me a 2 year old pulled the trigger, much less controlled the recoil of the firearm. Yea bs, kids face woulda been busted up from the gun hitting em in the face. Or a broken wrist at the very least.

    1. We don’t know exactly how it went down, but considering they were druggies with an illegal firearm, it stands to reason that the child may not have taken the shot and the mother is the killer.
      “Both Ayala and Mabry had been on probation for child neglect and narcotics possession. Mina said under Florida law, convicted felons are not allowed to own a firearm.”

    1. @heroofharo Not without an aftermarket trigger adjustment they don’t.. If it’s built on the AR platform it uses non-adjustable single stage triggers that have a minimum trigger pull weight of 4lbs and as high as 10lbs.

    2. @Vinchinzo you realize that’s not much weight right? Do you think a kid by the age of 2 years old is still a bowl of jello?

  5. What parents would let a gun lay around? This is ridiculous! It better not come out she had something to do with this, like put her 2 year old in a situation thinking it was a game. She should go to prison for a long time! So so sad

  6. Too many unfit people have unlimited access to guns and can have as many children as they want. No gun control and no birth control. What a silly country this is.

  7. Sounds like a crime on or both of the parents .2 year olds can never be held responsible for any crime involving guns.

  8. Hmmm no, unless there’s dna evidence I doubt a 2 yr old would shoot a gun like that without getting hurt themselves, its a gun and guns are heavy. Maybe It was just that slim chance that it did happen but how does a 2 yr old knowingly point a heavy gun, pistol or not, at both mother and father? Then not only that pull the trigger twice upon seeing one parent falling. 5 yr old did it or the wife hands down.

  9. Hold on a sec….so you’re telling me a 2 year old got hold of the gun, pull the trigger and fatally shot the father?? Something just doesn’t seem to add up and I’m having a really hard time accepting this story.

  10. I own a few firearms and none that could be aimed and fired by a two year old. I think mommy sent the 5 year old out of the room and did this deed and put the idea in the head of her 5 year old that his bro did it

  11. So tragic! How could the parents keep a loaded gun, unproperly stored, with 3 children in their home?? God, please help these children🙏🏼

  12. You know I am so tired of hearing stories like this, how does a 2 year old toddler/ child gets hold of a weapon and kills because the owner doesn’t properly secure the weapon
    If he had survived I would had given him/them at least 15 years in prison

    1. So a father gets shot in the back by his 2 year old and survives only to have himself and his wife thrown in prison while their children are put into the system?

      Sure, sounds about right. I’d vote for you 👍🤪👍

  13. Hopefully nobody tells the 2-year-old how his dad died and that he’s too young to remember. The story should go something like “Mom and dad left guns out and let us play with them” and that should be that. Who was holding the gun when it went off and the accident happened is irrelevant. 2-year-olds are dumb, when I was 2 I drank poison. I hope the kids understand it’s none of their faults when they get older.

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