'20 Million Americans Getting Vaccinated In December Would Be Terrific' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

’20 Million Americans Getting Vaccinated In December Would Be Terrific’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Dr. Ashish Jha joins Andrea Mitchell to break down news from the Operation Warp Speed briefing on vaccine distribution plans, including the news that 20 million Americans could get vaccinated by the end of the year, which Dr. Jha calls "terrific." Aired on 12/2/2020.
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'20 Million Americans Getting Vaccinated In December Would Be Terrific' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. Thank God they fast tracked a vaccine to try and save us because we’ve been pretty pathetic at following Covid-19 warnings.

    1. @J Ho He also said he’d have the vaccine by the end of the year. He kept his promise. You’re just going to have to accept that.

    2. ocean buoy
      What warnings? First it wasn’t anything to worry about. Then it was, then no mask should be worn it will stop nothing. Then wear them. Then we must let our immune system work, then it was stay apart and always war a mask. Hmmm So who should take this vaccine? Kids 19 and under? Being they have a mortality rate of 0.00003%. More kids 19 and under die from the FLU each year than this Wuhan has “killed”.

    3. @Wisconsin Man I don’t know where you got your stats from, but it is a 2% death rate and the deaths are going up. Please keep in mind those numbers are people.

    4. @Helena Hall And as usual different numbers from you people on THAT side are being used. Let me guess, when it’s convenient , you just use numbers you want to make it look a certain way, right? Funny how almost ALL the time the WHOLE POPULATION is used in various scenarios, except this one. So which way are you using the 2% number, Number infected? Or number of Tested? Either way, 2% is WAY MORE than 268,000. So try again. Also, let me know how many 19 and under have died. Then of the number how many were 70 and above. How many died of a Heart Attack but because they tested “positive” for Wuhan, THAT is what the cause of death was. How many Strokes? Hw many from Diabetes? How many from pneumonia? Just seems a lot of those death rates are down this year during Wuhan Season.

    1. @Paul Horn lol. That guy nothing but a loser. What did the color of your skin have to do with getting the vaccine. Some people on here say the dumbest things.

    2. @dkm07305able that Dee cat’s account is like a week old. Probably a spam account. I reported the comment as such. I would recommend that everyone else does as well.

    3. I don’t care what anyone says. I’m not taking a shot if I’m not sick. I wear my mask and I social distance. They said it’s two shots. The first shot you get really sick. Why? Are they giving people covid? They are saying that they are afraid that people won’t take the second shot. I’ll wait at least a year if I need to. They should give it to the people that want it. I don’t want want a rushed vaccine

    4. @Diggory Pat I’m totally on board with waiting to see what happens with these first 20 million before I take it myself. Hopefully we don’t lose all of our f**king doctors in the meantime…

    1. Steve H
      I believe in what they are trying to do for everyone but we need to be cautious on this it reminds me of the movie I am LEGEND they had a cure for a pandemic but the side effects turn the people to savages, so we need to study the results and the facts before
      Administration the vaccine. God help us all!
      God Bless everyone !

    1. Check out our legal guidance from the MHRA & other Regulatory Authorities we (in the UK) have a playbook for fast tracking in emergency situations, I understand the US did but some moron binned it!

    2. @Awolfe Canada exactly! Their country is ran by normal competent people! Not a bunch of fat toothless conspiracy whack jobs!

    3. @Kathleen Sposato That because Americans have become brainwashed by an inept corrupt pos president and its enemies infiltrating their social media.

    1. @Wisconsin Man Yeah not for treating coronavirus though, in its proper application it’s a drug of efficacy without question. Ya know, for treating malaria though…

    2. @Derps McGee Oh OK.. So when it was developed for Malaria, now follow me here, was there a COVID-19 ? Hmmm So we fast forward to 2006. Doctor Faucci says HCQ is the best thing for combating the Corona Virus, again, follow me, COVID-19 part of what? YESSSS. Good Job, it is part of the Corona Virus. Now a drug thats been FDA approved for over 70 years, compared to a vaccine a couple months old. Hmmmm That’s a toss up.

    3. @Wisconsin Man It’s almost like you don’t understand that “corona virus” is a category of virus. We’ve know about the category of corona virus since the 1970’s, and yes there was a time where hcq may have been thought to be effective against the broad category of corona virus. What you fail to understand, or are disingenuous about, is the fact that in the span of time additional and new information has suggested that the risks outweighs the benefits. We used to think asbestos was not only a great fire retardant (it is) but was also safe (it’s not). Science is not a gospel, it changes based on input, and that input (i.e. new data) is changing all the time. Your condescending tone just seals the deal that you think (or like to act) like you are much smarter than you are.

    4. THat pathetic fool was only interested in getting attention and putting his dried up mug in front of any camera he could find! He’s been wrong on nearly everything he’s said so far!

  2. Does anyone really think the incompetent trump admin is capable of actually dispensing a vaccine in a responsible manner. The moron will put Jared in charge.

    1. @snowflake killer says the disciple of President Snowflake Reject who cannot acknowledge that he was beaten like a dog!

    2. @Dino Flagella What’s a few more weeks? The LEFT and their Media Minions said it would be NEXT SUMMER before anyone could get the shot. Cuomo, said it was good to have a vaccine, but sucked it didn’t come under Biden. THAT tells you everything you need to know about that quack.

    3. @Wisconsin Man because Obama was smart enough not to let it turn into a national pandemic, unlike dummy Trump

  3. An mRNA vaccine that splices with your own DNA!! A technology that has NEVER been used as a vaccine program before… and that has been rushed through with inadequate trials testing! What could possibly go wrong!?

    1. @Kimberly Christine .. Which Health Department is that? And you’ll have to excuse me for erring on the side of caution here. I will NOT be the first in line for this novel vaccine technology. And I don’t recommend that anyone else do so either.

    1. Thank God they fast tracked a vaccine to try and save us because we’ve been pretty pathetic at following Covid-19 warnings.

  4. I’m sure this brings great comfort to the families of the over 250,000 people traitor boy and the republicans have killed to date…

    1. Can we also blame Trump for the deaths of the China virus in Mexico , Canada , Ecuador , Spain , Italy . Who should we blame for those deaths ? I would also like to blame Trump for cancer and rainy days

    2. I’m sure it will bring them comfort knowing that the wonderful President Trump got this vaccine out the record time

    3. @Carlos Carlos That’s weird, I didn’t know traitor boy was the president of Mexico, Canada, Ecuador, Spain or Italy…Did I miss an election somewhere?…

  5. brilliantly said, ty dr jha and ms mitchell. amen to that! rushing through this could be disastrous! i want to get the vaccine too but am not willing to take foolish chances! if there is a chance that any as yet unforeseen problems or complications could pop up, let’s be wise and find out in the lab rather than in a human being.

    1. @Robert Bernstein You look old enough to have learned a few things in your pathetic life, but intelligent deduction and an understanding of FACTS doesn’t seem to be a part of it! Of course listening to a network like this could explain your stupidity. I hope your children don’t take after you!

    2. @Neanderthal Man You are a sad creature indeed, impossible for you to have a sane and adult conversation without name calling and abuse, have a good look in the mirror

    3. @Robert Bernstein Well I’ve never had issues with a good debate, but when dealing with the most evil, corrupted and moronic segment of a population, it’s easy to withdraw from any logical conversation since there clearly isn’t one from the other side. We just witnessed the most obscene demonstration of what a corrupt party is capable of and it was an attack against this entire country and all those who fought and died to preserve! People like that deserve no courtesy or quarter! Just a short drop on a tight rope in a very public place!

    4. @Neanderthal Man You are a very violent and misguided person, everything you say about “ them” is what your exalted liars and thieves are guilty of You are verging on going into the street and using an assault rifle ( I have little doubt that you possess one) , killing innocents due to your misguided beliefs would undoubtedly suit you just fineI DO wish you well

  6. Wise words folks. As a Scot in the UK I am appalled that anyone would try and speed this up and cut a wee corner or two. Life is not a competition. Thank you scientists and med staff all over the world. My wee sister is a nurse on a covid ward, whom has the virus as I speak and in hospital too. This isn’t a game of risk. Best wishes over the pond.

    1. Best wishes for your sister. I hope she makes a full recovery. Thank her for her service. Retired registered nurse in Australia. Xx

    2. As someone educated in biochemistry, I know what it takes to research, design and produce a vaccine, or any medication from a dead stop. Just mapping the genome can take years! This was done in unbelievable time and very few corners have been cut in the process. In phase 3 testing, they used an extremely large population size in order to shorten the time for the study and guarantee a safe product upon completion. This was a medical and administrative miracle and something to be proud of! No one else could, or would have gotten this done in such a short time and be able to bring it to the people at ZERO cost as President Trump has. He paid all the costs of research and production up front so the people of the USA own these vaccines! THe military will distribute them so there won’t be any additional cost there either. This vaccine will be available to the entire world for their own production without having to pay a dime for the creation, they just need to gear up to produce it themselves. I feel for your sister and offer her my thanks for her bravery and dedication to her craft. I truly hope she recovers as soon as possible.

  7. If the ‘vaccine’ changes your DNA permanently that might explain the obsession with collecting peoples DNA years prior – point of reference – they can see how the vaccines changes your DNA over time

    1. Well we already know what will go wrong with a Chinese designed and produced bioweapon as it rots the lungs of millions in America alone! I’m sure Hiddin Biden will cash in on deflecting any attention away from China for what they’ve done to the world as I’m sure you will too! After all, they’re so cute at 5’2″ with those slanty little eyes and little hands, almost like a child!

    1. What part of 95 to 99% effective with no significant side effects don’t you get you pathetic moron? I have elderly relatives that I would like to keep alive for a while longer and not be taken down by a CHINESE bioweapon designed and released to take out the elderly and sick in the world all to save them from having to pay to care for them. So please! don’t take this vaccine and make sure you get infected so your entire fortune can be spent to cover the hospital bills!

    2. Yes… especially Trump and his cronies since they were just having kinds of exposures and positive tests. Yet and still, I wouldn’t trust that.

    3. @Keshonda Baldwin Just so you know…. For the past 29 days, there’s been a group taking down the names and vital information of anyone who has made comments negative to the President so that after this election conspiracy has been blown open we can go after all those who provided support and even collusion!

  8. *Dr. Ray Peat, biochemist since 1969, on taking the mRNA vaccine:* “The problem is that our bodies can copy foreign RNA and DNA and incorporate the copies into our chromosomes. If they are genes for viral proteins, it’s possible that during a future stress, those foreign genes could be expressed throughout our body, creating overwhelming amounts of those toxic proteins. The copies could be inserted into sperm cells and eggs as well as body cells, forming part of future generations. No sane person would consider doing it, if they understood how our cells respond to alien nucleic acids.”

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