charlessavarin.jpgRoseau, Dominica – December 20, 2007………… Minister with responsibility for the Public Service, Hon. Charles Savarin has highlighted the reforms now underway in Dominica’s judicial system.


Hon. Savarin who is the Minister for Public Utilities, Energy, Ports and the Public Service made the disclosure at a Presentation Forum on Reform of the Systems and Institutions relating to the Administration of Justice in Dominica which took place recently.


According to the Minister, reform of the judicial system in Dominica is also supported by the World Bank. This programme provides technical assistance to the Government to implement key components of its public sector modernization strategy, focused on streamlining the public sector to increase the efficiency of service delivery while at the same time, lowering costs.

Hon. Savarin also said that a sub-component of this technical assistance relates to the modernization of the Registry through the full-scale computerization of the Companies and Trade Marks section. This will facilitate on-line business registrations and searches. The improvement of the computer technology within the land Titles section of the Registry is also expected to reduce the turn-around time for registering properties and bringing matters before the courts.

In addition substantial investment has been undertaken for staff training in customer service and in the use of Judicial Enforcement Management System (JEMS); the creation of the database to facilitate entry of birth, death and marriages; the development of the Companies database and data entry of companies records; establishment of an Intellectual Property Registry; improvement in the office environment of the Registry and Magistrate’s court; purchase of computers and other essential equipment.


Ongoing work also includes technical assistance for the review and implementation of the modernisation plan for the Registry and complete computerization of the Registry.  The development of the Land Information System is integrally linked to the Registry since the Division plays a critical role in land administration and registration.  This activity is being undertaken by the International Land Systems with funding from the European Union.  


In his remarks, Hon. Savarin also proposed measures to ensure the more effective functioning of the Police, the Magistracy, the High Court and the Court of Appeal. (Ends)

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