Roseau, Dominica – March 04, 2008……….Prime Minister pm_skerrit_at_funeral_service_march_2008.jpgof Dominica, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit was among hundreds of mourners who gathered in Vieille Case on Saturday afternoon for the funeral of  one hundred and eight year old (108) Louisa Joseph of Vieille Case affectionately known as ‘Awo’.


According to media personality Alex Bruno who read the eulogy, Louisa Joseph was born on August 8, 1899 in Portsmouth. She died on February 17, 2008. The fact she did not drink alcohol, did not smoke and ate the local foods that she grew have been cited as possible reasons for her longevity.


Louisa Joseph was the mother of ten children, forty-eight (48) grand children, ninety-five (95) great grand children, twenty-seven (27) great great grand children and countless great great great grand children.


Mrs. Joseph, who never travelled out of Dominica, only visited the hospital twice in her life- once on November 29, 2007 for five (5) days and on Christmas day that same year.


In the last few weeks, four (4) Dominican centenarians have died, leaving the total number of persons over 100 living in Dominica at 16, still an impressive ratio in a population of just 70,000 people. The oldest living person in Dominica today is Violet Joseph from Roseau, who is 109 years old.


In recent years Dominica has developed a reputation as the land of longevity, mainly because of its pristine natural environment, lush tropical rainforest and a river for every day of the year.


Dominica’s reputation for longevity was enhanced with the discovery of the world’s oldest person Elizabeth ‘Ma Pampo’ Israel in 1999. Although never recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records for the coveted accolade of the world’s oldest living person, Mrs. Israel made the front cover of a number of international publications prior to her death in 2003 at the age of 128.


Prior to her death, she was granted Dominica’s highest award, the Dominica Award of Honour (DAH).


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