Roseau, Dominica – May 16, 2008………. Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit has stated that his Government will continue to manage the resources from the European Union with the “highest accuracy, transparency and accountability”.


The Prime Minister made the statement at a reception in Roseau last month on the eve of the first Country Portfolio Review Meeting in Dominica under the leadership of the new Head of Delegation of the European Commission to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, His Excellency, Valeriano Diaz.


Speaking at the reception at the Fort Young Hotel on the matter of the use of EU resources by Dominica, Prime Minister Skerrit said:


“I will say  that from 2000 being part of this Cabinet,  we have not had one situation where the European Union  has had to question the accountability and transparency of this Government in respect to the use of European Union  funds.


“We have always ensured that we follow the rules and regulations in the protocol with the highest degree of accuracy because we understand the need for us to be able to report to our benefactors on how the government  has been able to spend its money.


“And I am very pleased to say and to say to you, your Excellency, and to your delegation that the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica will continue to manage the use of the resources from the European Union with the highest accuracy, transparency and accountability and in the promotion of good governance in this country, the region and of course the world as a whole.”


In his remarks the Prime Minister also lauded the contribution of the European Union when Dominica was in the throes of a severe fiscal and economic crisis in the 2002-2004 period.


“We are indeed happy to have our strongest ally in our development-the European Commission, the European Union here. During Dominica’s most difficult period in the stabilization and adjustment programme, the European union was always there with us, seeking to assist us, looking at areas of cooperation to get Dominica out of a very difficult fiscal situation which it had found itself.”


In his comments at the reception, Head of Delegation of the European Commission to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, His Excellency, Valeriano Diaz, rated Dominica among the “best performers of the EU partners in the Caribbean” and commended the Roosevelt Skerrit Government highly for its efforts, particularly in the area of public finance management.


The European Union is the largest single aid donor to Dominica with an active portfolio of $300 million ECD that touches every sector of Dominica’s economy and society.


Projects funded by the European Commission currently being implemented in Dominica include the Dominica Social Investment Fund ($15.4 million), the Waitukubuli National Trail Project  ($15.4 million), the ICT Development Programme (17 million), the Melville Hall Airport Project ($56 million) $33 million in support of agricultural production and diversification among other projects.

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