Month: May 2008

The Past to the Present – Michelle Paul

Back in March of 2003 a young 19-year-old girl entered the race in an attempt to become Dominica’s 2003 Carnival Queen and was not given much of a chance to get that title by them critiques. However, on the night of the queen show the 19-year-old proved here ‘put-downers’ wrong as she outclassed her competitors in every wrong but controversy was the highlight of that night’s show when Michelle Paul did not place in the four top spots and this really upset even here sponsor who then threatened possible court action sighting what he refers to as unfair treatment to the girl that his company had sponsored.


(The crown went Miss Minerve Lewis from Good Hope and sponsored by the AID Bank, the first runner-up Lynthea Augustine from Vieille Case and third place went to Dana Shillingford of Kings Hill.)


Speaking his mind, the Nagico Insurances General Manager, Vibert Williams pointed out that he was not satisfied that the girl that his company sponsored was not given the Crown that she fairly won sighting that he feels Michelle’s size was the reason behind the judges decision not to give here the crown and called on the Dominica Festival Commission to release the score sheet. “This is an injustice to rub Michelle Paul” of a crown he then said.


Paul won Best Talent and Best Intelligence two of the very important areas in this type of pageants, which are key to represent one’s country other such competition outside of her country which further prompted Paul’s sponsor to state that he felt that it was sad that a senior member of the Carnival Committee made derogative remarks to Paul just before making her swimsuit wear appearance. 


“Parents must now ask themselves if they want their daughters to face the devastation and humiliation that seems to have characterize the queen show” William then said and he felt that sponsors should reconsider if they wan to send money down the drain. “We must ensure that this tragedy must not happen again,” he said and suggested that the judging criteria must be looked reviewed and suggested there is the need to require more competent and knowledgeable judges.


Can Michelle Paul five years older now out class 13 other Caribbean beautiful and ambitious girls one of whom is another Dominican to be come the second Miss Queen Of The Islands Canada?


The second Miss Queen Of The Islands Canada Pageant show will be held on Saturday July 5th at the Rembrandt Banquet Hall, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.



AGE: 24

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology & Criminology. Currently pursuing a diploma in Residential Care for Children & Youth.

HOBBIES: Singing and reading.

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