Roseau, Dominica – June 13, 2008……. Construction work on Two Segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail begins on Monday, June 16, 2008.


Eight persons will begin work on Segment 5 of the Trail- Pont Casse to Castle Bruce. Seven persons will work on Segment 13- Penville- Capuchin.


Segment 5 of the Trail, a distance of  approximately 12.8 km, offers a number of attractions and features to include the Emerald Pool & Facility, Neg Maron Headquarters, Old Road(Carib Trace), Spanny falls among other attractions.


Segment 13 of the Trail, a distance of approximately 8 km, features the Cold Soufriere springs, views of Marie Galante, the Saints and Guadeloupe, water falls among other scenic spots.


The start of construction work on two segments of the Trail comes after several months of training programmes in trail construction and maintenance, vegetation management, landscaping and woodwork.


It is expected that construction work on Segment 14 of the trail- Capuchin to Portsmouth will begin in the next two weeks.


Last month two officials from the Chamber of Commerce of Martinique were in Dominica working with a number of government agencies and private sector organisations on identifying business opportunities along the trail and within communities near the Trail itself.


Following up on the work of the officials from the Chamber of Commerce, it is now envisaged that Segment 13 will be used as a pilot segment, whereby local entrepreneurs will be able to establish business opportunities and ventures along the trail and in communities near the segment-13 Penville- Capuchin.


The objective of the Waitukubuli National Trail Project (WNTP) is to produce a defined and holistic tourism product which meets international standards and is capable of attracting increased tourism arrivals and increasing community-based expenditure.


The Regional Council of Martinique is partnering with the Government of Dominica in implementing this project.


The project is funded by the European Commission to the tune of 4.4 million euros from the Government of Dominica’s SFA allocation for 2003.  

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