project_manager_baron-george_talks_to_the_media.jpgRoseau, Dominica – July 23, 2008 ………The Waitukubuli National Trail Project Management Unit is continuing its efforts towards natural heritage development with the hosting of a training programme on  Nature Animation.   


The training programme is possibly the first ever Nature Animation Training of Trainers Programme in Dominica. This exciting programme is into its second week and consists of indoor and outdoor (on the trail) training. The training is being facilitated by two technical experts: Mr. Pascal Saffache and Mr. Jean Valery Marc from our partner agency, the Regional Council of Martinique. 


The programme will ensure that a core of local resource persons will be equipped with the technical knowledge and expertise to enable them to provide training in Nature Animation for key agents/agencies in Dominica.


Specific objectives of the training include the following:


Foster greater appreciation among participants of our natural heritage;


Provide some basic principles and theories in Nature Animation;


Create and stimulate knowledge as a base for increased tourist information sharing on the Waitukubuli National Trail;


Provide opportunities for direct experience in nature animation on the Waitukubuli National Trail. 


Participants have so far described the experience as interesting, informative and challenging but worthwhile and of great benefit to the country’s Tourism development initiatives. 


Participants include staff of the Project Management Unit of the WNTP, the Discover Dominica Authority, the Dominica State College and the Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division. 


The WNTP is being funded from the European Union’s Special Framework of Assistance for application year 2003 and the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica in partnership with the Regional Council of Martinique to the tune of Euro 4,627,170.00.

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