Roseau, Dominica – September 3, 2008……The Government of Dominica is currently developing and promoting the use of Information and Communications Technologies as a strategy for achieving economic competitiveness.


The statement was made by the then Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Ambrose George recently at the launching of the Government of Dominica Website,  


“Dominica like many other Caribbean countries is currently developing and promoting ICT as a strategy for achieving economic competitiveness. In the 2007-2008 Budget Address, government acknowledged the importance of the ICT sector to our economic growth and development, particularly in the period of diversification,” Hon. Ambrose George stated.


According to the Minister, Government has taken a comprehensive approach to the sector’s development which has resulted in several projects being implemented such as the ICT Development Programme and the National e-Business Incubator (NEBI), funded by the European Commission.


Hon. George also noted that Government has been able to establish an ICT structure and sited the example of the significant changes that have taken place in the telecommunications sector. The Minister added that these changes have been brought about by the liberalization process and the greater emphasis placed on ensuring the provision of modern telecommunication services at affordable prices. This process has enabled improved and diverse services, and enhanced the climate for facilitating and stimulating economic development in the sector.


Hon. George also spoke of the benefits to the Dominican economy of the growth in the telecommunications sector.


” This growth in this sector has been felt in the wider economy since the general public has benefited from reductions in rates, improved quality of services and increased employment, particularly self-employment through entrepreneurial approaches towards generating business. These advancements in the telecommunications sector has set the stage to expand in the wider field of information and communications technologies to strengthen government and governance,” Hon. George concluded.

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