Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, November 18, 2008…… The Government of Dominica in its quest to improve the enabling environment and to improve the approval process for the granting of fiscal incentives has delegated the responsibility from Cabinet to an Approval Committee for the granting of fiscal incentives  up to an investment level of EC$2,000,000. 

The Government of Dominica recognises that fiscal incentives have and continues to assist enterprises in establishing and operating through the reduction in the payment of taxes and duties. In this regard, the Government through the Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) is committed to continuously review the fiscal incentives process to ensure that the benefits to be accrued from the granting of fiscal incentives are achieved.


Fiscal Incentives are available to both domestic and foreign businesses. Persons wishing to apply to benefit from these incentives are asked to contact the Invest Dominica Authority, for further information.   


Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) is the agency of the Government of Dominica charged with the responsibility to promote and facilitate investments into Dominica. The main focus is to foster an enabling environment for local and foreign investments, geared toward creating opportunities for employment for Dominicans, and increased foreign exchange earnings.

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